Snip Happy


Although this blog is mainly about amazingly cool bits and bobs that I've seen around my North London, a girl's got to get her hair done every once in a while. Am I right?

Everyone knows how hard it can be to find a hairdresser that you can trust, and I'm lucky enough to have found one literally two minutes from my flat.

Chaps and Dames is a super-cute hair salon in Finsbury Park. It's small, it's friendly and so reasonably priced you'll wonder why you ever went anywhere else.

I hate hairdressers who intimidate you into a style you hate as soon as you get home, but Kelly will always be able to update your bonce in a wearable way.

Trust me, it's awesome. I've already personally recommended Chaps and Dames to all my mates, and now I'm doing the same to you.

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