Our market research revealed that women feel naked and exposed without mascara. Bare lashes can lack eye-framing definition and because they tend to be fairer at the tips, they appear shorter, less visible and more lacklustre. That is why women are looking for a mascara that gives impact even when they don’t wear it.

So what is our answer? A revolutionary formula with lash-tint complex that is perfect for spontaneous weekend plans and unscheduled sleepovers. Wonder'lash Volume Colourist mascara gradually makes bare lashes darker. AND, in an instant, the volumising formula loads lashes with jet-black impact. So you can have photo-ready confidence wherever, whenever. Be selfie ready with your makeup on or off!

What are the main benefits?

Wonder'lash Volume Colourist mascara spells the end of dull, invisible lashes. Unlike ordinary mascaras that offer immediate benefits, Wonder'lash Volume Colourist mascara can give you more impactful lashes today, but also over time. Its semi-permanent lash-tint complex progressively blackens bare lashes every time you wear it. The volumising formula also loads your lashes with jet-black impact.

How does this mascara fit into the existing portfolio of Rimmel London mascaras?

Mascara is deeply rooted into the brand heritage and ever since Eugene Rimmel commercialised the first Rimmel London mascara in the early 19th Century, it has been a core focus of our innovation process.

As a brand, we want to continuously challenge ourselves to offer mascaras that go the extra mile for your lashes and deliver a superior makeup result.

We are always looking for ways to keep our mascaras new and exciting, each with their own unique quality. We looked into what women wanted in mascara, but also what they wanted in their beauty look as a whole. For this specific launch we developed a mascara that would give impact not only with but also without mascara- no more dull invisible lashes!

What does tinting mean?

“Tint” is used to describe different things. Other prestige and mass brands have claimed “lash tint” benefits referring to the long-lastingness which is non-permanent and does not last for more than 3 days. Our lash tint gives the true overtime tinting, a semi-permanent natural dye that makes bare lashes darker over time.

What makes Wonder'lash Volume Colourist mascara different to other ways of tinting your lashes?

As far as we know, there is no other mascara available that can tint your lashes over time. However, lash-tinting is not a new process.

Salon lash tinting is the most common form of lash tinting today but it is an expensive treatment and can be quite time consuming. At home lash tinting has become more popular as an alternative to expensive salon lash tinting. Although it is less expensive than salon tinting, you need to know how to use it and a lot can go wrong if you don’t know how to use it. It can also be fairly time consuming.

What were the biggest challenges to overcome in developing the formula?

Biggest challenge was to find the optimal combination of our lash-tint complex ingredients and the multifunctional polymer which delivers the makeup results.

What are the key ingredients in the formula?

Unique combination of creamy, ultra-black lash volumizing formula and last-tint complex, including a natural colorant. The more you use, the more natural tinting colourant are delivered to the surface of your lashes, gradually making your bare lashes darker and your eyes pop!

Which ingredients enable the tinting benefit? Which one makes it last over time?

The lash-tint complex colourants provide the tinting benefit. The lasting benefit comes from our special patented polymer-wax combination that locks in the colour, simultaneously helping the overtime lash tinting benefit as well. Your beautiful bare lashes are more visible, appear longer and have more impact because they’re blacker to their very ends.

What are the ingredients in the lash coloration essence?

We use a complex, including the natural colourant Caramel as well as dyes that are developed and tested for the intended use.

Which ingredient enables the instant volume?

Our multifunctional and patented polymer-wax combination enables quick deposit and layering of mascara onto lashes to provide instant volume.

Does the brush play a part in the make-up result? If yes how so?

Yes of course. The combination of the formula and the tailored, lash-intensifying fiber brush gives a great volume effect that wraps and plumps each and every lash.

When will I see the lash tinting effect on my bare lashes?

How quickly you see results depend on the colour of your bare lashes. You should see the lash tinting effect starting from two weeks of daily use.

How long would you need to wear the mascara per day to see the tinting effect?

You can use and wear this mascara just like your normal mascara. The lash tinting effects starts from two weeks of daily use.

How long will the tinting effect last once I stop using the mascara? Will I have tinted lashes for life?

The lash tinting begins to build from the 1st application and continues to intensify bare lashes with every application, from root to tip. But don’t worry, the tint is semi-permanent, it does not penetrate your lashes but sits on the surface. The tint will start to fade away over 2 weeks if not re-applied.

Is the dye and lash coloration essence safe for my lashes?

Yes! All our formulations are rigorously safety tested pursuant to the applicable regulations. Besides, the formula only goes on the surface of your lashes without penetrating it. It is even suitable for contact lens wearers.

Will it tint the bottom lashes as well?

Yes, it will work just as well as on your upper lashes.

Will the lash tint complex in the formula tint my skin if it gets in contact with my eyelid?

No, as long it is removed quickly from the skin when noticed.

Will Wonder'lash Volume Colourist mascara be easy to remove?

Yes, the mascara can be removed with a make-up remover just like a normal mascara but the tint remains.