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5 signs you’re completely addicted to contouring

Who isn’t addicted to contouring these days? The trend for sculpting your face is big beauty news, whether you’re chiseling your cheekbones with a shading powder, or indulging in some glow-boosting strobing.

Still, some are more obsessed than others, and there’s one way to find out if you sit in that (flawlessly highlighted) group. Read on for the five signs that your sculpting addiction has gone next-level...

1. You top up your contour everywhere

5 signs you’re completely addicted to contouring

And we mean everywhere! On the plane, in the bar, after swimming – no place is off limits in the quest for flawless shading.

2. 'Chilling' means trying new sculpting trends

Forget Sundays lounging in front of the TV. To you, nothing is more relaxing than sitting in front of a mirror, taking out your sculpting palette, and brushing up on your strobing skills.

3. You film your on-point sculpting routine

5 signs you’re completely addicted to contouring

Every camera you own is packed with pictures and clips of your sculpted cheekbones - and your techniques pick up loads of double-taps from Insta.

4. You don't even need to use a mirror anymore

You know exactly where your shading should go. In fact, you can do some killer cheekbone sculpting while eating lunch - and it still looks selfie-ready.

5. Your sculpting palette tops your packing list

5 signs you’re completely addicted to contouring

If there's one thing (slightly) more important than your passport, it's your trustyKate Sculpting Palette, £6.99. When it comes to writing your holiday packing list, that glow-giving kit is right at the top.

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