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7 things no one tells you about attending a festival

So you're off to a festival for the first time, and you think you know what to expect. You've bought wellies, a waterproof and suncream, and you've read a dozen survival how-tos.

But what about the things that the festival guides forget to tell you? Will your beauty routine survive the weekend? Read on. After all, to be prepared is half the victory...

1. You'll become a makeup speed queen

You might love a flawlessly contoured face at home, but with so many acts to fit into one weekend, you don't want to get left behind in the tent trying to perfect your brows. 2-in-1 products like a tinted primer are a godsend, and you'll get amazingly skilled at putting on makeup with just a torch and hand mirror to help.

2. Flower crowns will seem like a valid fashion choice

When you're in a field miles from your normal wardrobe, hippie chic reigns supreme. Before you know it, you'll have roses behind your ears, henna up your arm and a nice lady called Stardust plaiting your hair with feathers.

7 things no one tells you about attending a festival

3. You won't care about showering as much as you think

Before you go, 80% of your time might be spent worrying about how to stay constantly fresh and clean. But after roughly 12 hours you'll start to wonder why sticking your head under a tap can't be your normal routine. That said, don't forget to pack deodorant and dry shampoo to keep your festival hairdo smelling fresh. Your tent mates will thank you.

4. A bumbag will become an essential

It helps that they're currently back in fashion, but this festival season a practical (but colourful) bumbag will be your new best friend. It's far and away the best way to keep your cash and phone safe, and is big enough to store spare wet wipes, tissues (don't go anywhere without them) and breath mints. Pick one garish enough to clash with everything you own.

7 things no one tells you about attending a festival

5. You won't look in the mirror all day. And you won't mind

You'll put your face on in the morning, leave your tent and forget about it, so the main thing you want from your festival makeup is for it to stay on your face. Embrace a long lasting foundationwaterproof mascara, a fail-proof contouring palette and sweat-proof eyeliner for the next few days. Instagram filters can deal with the rest.

6. You will embrace the face paint

Hey, it is a festival, after all. If you look as though you could walk down your high street without attracting attention, you're not doing it right. Make friends with the girl who's brought a suitcase's worth of glitter and neon makeup, and let her go to town on your face. It'll hide the dirt, at least.

7 things no one tells you about attending a festival