3 beauty blogger trends we can’t get enough of

It’s not just the catwalk that shapes up the season’s trends. Beauty bloggers are taking new looks and techniques to the next level, debuting everything from galaxy freckles to gorgeous strobing. These makeup tricks are totally genius – and easy to DIY. So here’s a round-up of three of the very best, all guaranteed to get you noticed.

Skin strobing

The glowy sister look to contouring, strobing is all about layering highlighters on your skin to get an ultra-reflective finish. It flatters everyone, takes seconds to apply (you can read our how-to here [LINK]), and makes you look like a fresher, dewier version of yourself. No wonder bloggers are hooked.

If you do want to give it a go, use a sheeny liquid illuminator like Good to Glow Highlighter, £4.99, and place it on the tops of your cheekbones, brow bones, and wherever else you crave some glow. Then get ready to take plenty of selfies – with the flash on for extra radiance – because this look is definitely going to earn you plenty of double-taps on Insta.

Galaxy freckles

3 beauty blogger trends we can’t get enough of

Image Credit: Instagram.com/xiaxue

This is maybe, probably, definitely not the best makeup for going to school or work, but just look at how beautiful galaxy freckles are. We’re obsessed with them. They see faces decorated in shimmering eyeshadows and constellations (nailed with white liner, obvs), and the finished effect is perfect for a weekend festival and beach parties.

3 beauty blogger trends we can’t get enough of

Image Credit: Instagram.com/jeanyliong

To get those stars on-point, grab a long-wear liquid eyeliner like Colour Precise in White, £5.99, which offers plenty of pigment and a fine-tipped nib for precision. Layer stars over a blend of pink and blue eyeshadows on your nose and cheeks, or opt for a base of rosy blusher for a subtler effect. 


3 beauty blogger trends we can’t get enough of

Have have you stumbled across the more permanent take on contouring, known to those in the know as tantouring? The concept is just the same – shaping your face using products a little darker than your skintone – but instead of applying foundation or contouring powder, you use self-tan. This means that your beautiful sculpting will last for up to a week rather than until you wash your face in the evening.

Simply grab SunShimmer Instant Tan Mousse, £5.33, and use an angled brush to apply beneath your cheekbones, along your hairline and jawline and down the sides of your nose. Go lightly with your application and make sure to blend the product well to avoid any harsh lines. And there you have it – the secret to flawless cheekbones all day and night.

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