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3 ideas for festival nails that stand out in the crowd

Festival fashion is dressing up for adults. A chance to let go and wear outfits that would get you a raised eyebrow in real life. And when it comes to that, why should your clothes get all the fun? Even if you’re usually a nude nail polish kind of girl, this is the time to experiment with the nail art you’ve always really wanted.

Let us guide you down the rabbit hole of nail experimentation…

1. Stud it up

4 ideas for festival nails that stand out in the crowd

Accessorising your nails with gems is a really easy way to jazz up a manicure, as there’s no complicated design or painting needed. Simply buy your nail jewels then pick a light and bright polish to make your nails stand out – Rimmel’s Super Shine by Rita Ora range, £2.99, is great for summery colours to lift your mood.

Paint your base coat and two coats of colour and let them dry. If your jewels come with adhesive, dot that on the back of each gem and place where you want them. If not, use a little bit of base coat as your glue. Wait for the jewels to dry in place then paint a generous amount of top coat over the nail to stop them falling off at the first knock.

Top tip: If picking up the gem with tweezers is too fiddly, use an eyeliner pencil. The pencil tip is tacky enough to pick up small jewels, and means you don’t have to have such a steady hand…

2.Stripe yourself

4 ideas for festival nails that stand out in the crowd

Stripes are a classic nail art look and, as you can vary the thickness and the colours of the stripes to your heart’s content, are endlessly versatile. For a festival look, we’d suggest going as bright as possible – think mixing up bright yellows and greens, oranges and blues. Try using Scotch tape to keep your lines as straight and even as possible.

Top tip: Let your base colour dry properly – for a full hour if you can – before putting the tape on and doing the second layer. Then, before applying the tape, blot the sticky side on your fingers to make it a little oily – that will make it less sticky and less likely to peel off your polish.

3. Go mad with glitter

4 ideas for festival nails that stand out in the crowd

Usually we leave glitter to the Christmas end of the year, but when it comes to festivals, the sparklier the better. Check out our high coverage and medium coverage glitters, all of which pack a multicoloured punch and will look fantastic in the sun. We love to wear them layered over a bright opaque shade – like Rimmel’s 60 Seconds Super Shine in Tangerine Tent, £2.99, for vibrant orange nails that will make you easy to spot in the crowd.

Top tip: When you want to get rid of glitter nail polish, soak a cotton pad in remover and wrap around your finger tip for a couple of minutes. This makes removing it a breeze.  

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