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3 reasons we’re addicted to contouring

You know about contouring by now. It’s the makeup technique that everyone uses – from makeup artists to beauty bloggers – in order to make their cheekbones pop. The trick is to play with light and shading using a kit like the Kate Sculpting Palette, £6.99, and in seconds all of your favourite features will appear more defined and dewy.

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Everyone’s obsessed, and it’s easy to see why. But, in case you haven’t tried it yet (or you’re just as hooked as we are), here are our favourite things about the contoured, scuplted look…

1. It polishes your look

A dusting of shading powder can work wonders at topping off your look. That fresher face is gorgeous, but for when you want more definition, sweep it into the low points of your contours. Remember, these spots are: below your cheekbones, on the centre of your chin, down the sides of your nose, and along your jaw and hairline. 

2. It gives good glow

If you’re doing sculpting right, you should get a good glow out of it. That’s because it involves precise dots of highlighter that enhance your contours further. Tap the light, shimmering shade from the palette across the tops of cheekbones, down the centre of your nose, on brow bones and the middle of the forehead to add radiance to your contoured look. Want to up the pore-perfecting ante? Prep your skin first with Match Perfection Foundation, £7.99, which has a blurring action that mimics your favourite Insta filters.

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3. It’s really easy

Once you’ve done it the first time, contouring gets easier and easier. Before you know it, you’ll be adding your highlighter without a second thought. As soon as you’ve got your sculpting powder and hints of radiance on, swirl a blusher brush into the pink shade of the Kate Sculpting Palette, and glide it across your cheeks. And, done!

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