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3 super-romantic makeup ideas for a summer wedding

Wedding-ready makeup is high on glow and low on fuss, which means nailing a suitably romantic look is a whole lot easier than it sounds. Here are three gorgeous ideas to try...

1. Red rose lips

3 super-romantic makeup ideas for a summer wedding

Nothing says romance like a rose-red pout, and this look is always photogenic – ideal on a day where you’re bound to be posing for multiple cameras. Best of all, putting the focus on your lips means you can wear less makeup on your lids, which is handy if the father-of-the-groom makes a speech that makes you tear up.

Get the look:Because you’ll be sipping, eating, chatting and kissing all day, you’ll need your red lip to last, so line and fill your lips with Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Red Dynamite, £2.99. This long-wear pencil is ultra pigmented, so it creates the perfect base for an equally vibrant shade like The Only 1 Lipstick in Best of the Best, £6.99.

2. Luminous liner

3 super-romantic makeup ideas for a summer wedding

Inject a hint of colour with your eyeliner, while keeping your brows, cheeks and lips gently defined. The liner doesn’t even have to match your dress. Clashing statement shades like turquoise, blue, gold or violet look fresh against a wardrobe of pastels or floral prints.

Get the look: Grab a bold liner like the blue end of Magnif’Eyes Double-Ended Shadow + Liner in Dark Side of Blue, £6.99, and etch it across the upper lash line from the inner to the outer corner. Next, streak a black liquid liner like Colour Precise, £5.99, from the centre of your lid to the outer edge, and finish with the plumping power of Volume Colourist Mascara, £7.99, on lashes.

3. Beautiful bronze

3 super-romantic makeup ideas for a summer wedding

The best kind of wedding makeup simply enhances your natural features, thanks to soft, second-skin finishes, neutral hues, and touches of glow-giving pigments. Before you do anything, apply Wake Me Up Foundation, £8.99, to nail a radiant look, and dust on the blusher, highlighter and sculpting powder in the Kate Sculpting Palette, £6.99.

Get the look: Now you’ve got your base, define your eyes with a slick of Volume Colourist Mascara, £7.99, which instantly plumps, and gradually tints your lashes over 14 days of wear. For a hyper-real lash look, use the mascara for two weeks leading up to the wedding, and your bare lashes will look naturally dark and glossy on the day. Finally, glide Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipstick in Better & Brighter, £6.49, over your lips for a sheer pop of nude colour that’s ultra dewy and hydrating.

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