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5 eye makeup hacks you'll wonder how you lived without

Looking to upgrade your eye makeup game? Of course you are. And to help you, we’ve rounded up the top five hacks that will take your lid and lash looks to a whole new level.

1. Hashtag your way to smokey eyes

5 eye makeup hacks you'll wonder how you lived without

#EyeshadowGoals! To get an effortless smokey eye, use a pencil eyeshadow – likeMagnif’Eyes Double-Ended Shadow & Liner in Queens of a Bronzed Age, £4.49, to draw a hashtag on the outer corner of your eye. Then take a small, firm brush and blend it in with the rest of your eye makeup for a sultry, smudgy finish.

2. Add brightness to the inner corners

We love it when a small trick makes a big impact, like dabbing a pale, shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes. One tap and – hey presto! – you’ve got a bright, dewy, wide-awake look. To cheat that fatigue-fighting effect, try using Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil, £4.99, adding a little below your brows for an extra lift.

3. Nail your wings with a straight edge

5 eye makeup hacks you'll wonder how you lived without

Winged eyeshadow and eyeliner is huge for AW16, so now’s the time to start perfecting your edgy flicks and flawless lines. The easiest trick is to hold a card in place on the outer corner of your eye, and position it so it slants up to the end of your brow. Then get blending!

4. Brush mascara towards your nose

You’re just two steps away from the plumpest lashes of your life. First, use a volumising mascara like Volume Colourist, £7.99, which gradually tints your lashes while adding an instant, boosting shine and plumping volume. Then gently pull the mascara wand towards your nose as you brush it on, and this will ensure the small, inner-corner strands are coated, while making your full flutter appear thicker.

5. Make pigments pop with white eyeshadow

5 eye makeup hacks you'll wonder how you lived without

If you want to give your bold eyeshadow that extra hit of brightness, layer a white eyeshadow underneath it. This will make the colour appear more vibrant, as well as making your shadow last for longer. A perfect base isScandal’Eyes Eye Shadow Stick in Witness White, £4.49, or the lightest shade in theGlam’Eyes HD Eyeshadow in Pinkadilly Circus, £6.99.

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