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5 London beauty vloggers who pushed the beauty boundaries

There are a lot of vloggers out there these days, chatting to their audiences, big and small, about what's on their minds. 

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But the best vloggers, in our eyes, will always be the beauty vloggers. They've taught us new techniques and introduced us to new products, all while letting us into their homes and their worlds.

It takes a unique kind of bravery to broadcast your face to the world, both painted and scrubbed clean, all to inform and entertain.

And beauty vloggers from London number among the best in the world. Here are a few of our absolute favourites, all of whom have pushed the limits of make-up and beauty.

I Covet Thee

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Alix Coburn writes about fashion, beauty and lifestyle under the name I Covet Thee, always making sure to cover a wide range of products suited to different lifestyles.

She's got her beauty favourites, but never shrinks away from trying a new look or palette – and the best thing is that she's totally unashamed of her addiction to make-up. We knew she was our kind of make-up gal when she named Rimmel's 107 lipstick as her hero product. We hear that.

Essie Button 

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Hailing from Canada, we're still going to allow Essie the title of Londoner, since she blogs from the city and has clearly given her heart to it. She's beautiful, with natural hair and clear skin – but she makes beauty approachable. She's never claimed to be a MUA: she just cares about finding her look, and her favourites, and sticking with it, and we reckon that makes a real London Look.

She's recently rebranded as Estée Lalonde, taking her look to sophisticated new heights – but she's still Essie underneath!

Gracie Francesca

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Gracie vlogs as The Ugly Face of Beauty from the point of view of someone who was once bullied for her appearance. Now grown up and gorgeous, with an Aslan-esque mane of hair that we truly envy, Gracie makes sure that her fans, young and old, appreciate their own diverse beauty. She uses make-up not to cover up, but as war paint: as a way to present herself to the world that is bold, empowered and unafraid.

Beauty Crush 

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Samantha Maria is almost unfairly beautiful. That mane of caramel hair and the smooth skin and the bright eyes. It'd be hard to bear if she wasn't so darn nice with it!

Her focus might be fashion, but that's what makes her such a good beauty vlogger – she'll always teach you how to make your make-up work with your sartorial style, pulling the two together in ways other bloggers don't cover. She's a fan of good foundation and a classic red lip. Darn right.

Patricia Bright 

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All glowy skin and smooth hair, this Londoner has a lifestyle we’d love to copy. At 27 years old, Patricia comes with a tonne of experience – and from her videos you can expect a dose of real talk, as well as solid make-up advice.

Reckon you have what it takes to join the ranks of beauty vloggers?

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