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6 suitcase essentials for sun-kissed makeup

So you're going on holiday, and you're not sure what makeup to take with you. When it comes to choosing what goes in your travel bag, the struggle is really real. To make your packing easier, we've compiled a list of the perfect glow-boosters to enhance your sun-kissed look. Read on for our guide to six suitcase essentials...

6 suitcase essentials for sun-kissed makeup

1. A glow-boosting base

Summer skin is all about that dewy glow, so bump it up by buffing on Wake Me Up Foundation, £8.99. It's enriched with light-reflecting radiance pearls, which make your skin look fresh, plump and packed with hydration.

2. A sheer face powder

You do want glow but you don't want shine, so sweep the Stay Matte Powder, £3.99, over oil-prone zones. It's light in texture, so it rids you of grease without looking or feeling dusty.

3. A contouring kit

Because you're going to want to enhance your tan, the Kate Sculpting Palette, £6.99, is a holiday must-have. In one kit, you get a warm sculpting powder, a luminous coral blusher and a shimmering highlighter. What more could you want?

6 suitcase essentials for sun-kissed makeup

4. A multi-tasking eye pen

Now, this is a win-win product. The Magnif'Eyes Double-Ended Shadow + Liner, £6.99, boasts a smudgy shadow on one end and a fine-tipped pencil on the other, so you're able to shade and define your eyes in one. Grab the Dark Side of Blue pen if you fancy channeling ocean hues on your lids, or go for Queens of a Bronzed Age to nail a smoky eye with a copper twist.

5. A waterproof mascara

This is a given, right? To make sure that your lashes look on-point after diving in the pool, slick on two coats of the totally genius Wonder'full Waterproof Mascara, £7.99. It comes with an ultra-flexible brush that reaches every strand, while the clump-free formula makes your lashes look full, black and glossy.

6. A multi-tasking lipsticks

Nothing looks better with a holiday tan than a sheer kiss of colour on your lips. For a dewy, just-bitten effect, pack one (or 6!) of the Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipsticks, £6.49 each. They coat your lips with fast-acting hydrators for a lightweight, balmy feel, while SPF20 keeps your pout protected. It's the ultimate hot-weather lip buy.

6 suitcase essentials for sun-kissed makeup