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6 ways winning Rimmel's #LONDONLOOKUK competition would change your life

Let's get one thing straight: winning Rimmel's London Look competition will change your life.

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But where exactly are you going to see the benefits? Let us walk you through them…

1.) Make your friends jealous

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We'll get this out of the way first: your friends are going to be panting with jealousy. After years of you honing your make-up skills on their gorgeous faces, now the focus is on you.

And if getting to make your own, professional Rimmel tutorial doesn’t do it, the fact that you’ll be pairing up with gorgeous red-lip icon Rita Ora ought to do it…

We know that winning isn't all about making others jealous. But it certainly doesn't hurt, does it?

2.) Get to know another side of London

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Whether you're a Londoner born-and-bred, or new to the ins and outs of the city, Rimmel London's trip will take you behind the scenes and under the skin of the most fashion-forward city in the world. You're not just a sightseer anymore: you're a mover and a shaker and a trend-setter.

You're an ambassador, and London is laid out at your feet.

3.) Learn new skills

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You'll have the chance to work with Rimmel make-up artists at London's world-famous YouTube space, complete with filming gear, green screens, products and props.

So whether you've been 'gramming and 'Tubing your looks for years, or are new to the online beauty game, there’ll be new things to learn, tips to share and skills to acquire.

4.) Jump-start your career

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Is this the biggest one? It might the biggest one. There's no better way to stand out from the myriad of talented beauty bloggers than to have the backing of the coolest brand on the block. If Rimmel believes in you, so will thousands of others.

So, if you're looking for a way to take your amateur skills in the direction of a full-time career doing what you love? This is it. This is the one. Because it doesn't end with your trip to London – afterwards you'll be a Rimmel London ambassador in your own neighbourhood, at the forefront of all the latest trends and inspiration.

5.) Get all the latest products first

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There's nothing better than being first! And as an ongoing Rimmel brand ambassador, you'll find packages full of all the latest and greatest Rimmel London products arriving at your door.

You'll be the first to review the best products – how great is that?

6.) Meet inspirers

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Despite all the goodies and travel and the career boost, maybe the best part will be who you'll meet – and we're not just talking about Rita Ora!

You'll be surrounded at all times by other stylish and gorgeous winners from all over the globe – to pose with and preen with and learn from. Brand-new make-up savvy and talented mates – yours for the taking.

Have we convinced you to share your London Look with the world yet?

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Rimmel London is calling all makeup addicts across the world to offer you the chance of a lifetime!

You could be travelling to London to meet Rita Ora and Rimmel make-up artists to kickstart your vlogging career at the Rimmel London YouTube Space.

Just send us a video or pic using the hashtag #LONDONLOOKUK, and you could be on your way! Need to know more? It's all here…