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6 ways your phone can help you nail your makeup routine

Makeup brushes? Check. Mirror? Got it.

But you’re missing one essential thing in your beauty routine: your phone, which makes nailing a flawless look insanely easy. Thanks to ground-breaking tech – including Rimmel London’s new Get the Look app – you can steal the makeup look of your dreams, track down your perfect red lipstick with ease, and check that you’re selfie-ready in a flash. Here’s how your phone takes your makeup to the next level…                                                 

1. It can tell you when your makeup is photo-ready

You’ve put your makeup on, it’s looking flawless in the mirror, but you just want to check how your on-point contour is going to show up when the camera flashes.

This is where your phone steps in: take a selfie before you dash out the door, and see your handiwork and sculpted cheekbones in all of their photo-ready glory. Now you’re ready to go!                                                                                   

2. It helps you steal hot makeup looks

What if we told you you could take a picture of a makeup look you love, and instantly see it on your own face? That’s exactly how Rimmel London’s Get the Look app works.

Just tap ‘Steal the Look’ in the free app, point your camera at the makeup, and it will instantly appear on you – complete with the list of products that help you nail it off-camera. Best of all, you can steal any look with Get the Look, whether it’s your best friend’s flawless red lip, a blogger’s sculpting on YouTube, or Kate Moss’ smoky eyes in a magazine.

6 ways your phone can help you nail your makeup routine

3. It lets you try makeup before you buy

No time to hit the beauty counter? No problem. Rimmel London’s new Get the Look app lets you try on makeup with your phone in just a couple of taps.

Simply select Create a Look, swipe through the mascaras, blushers, eyeshadows, lipsticks and more – and you can see what all the products are going to look like on your face. If you fancy giving summer’s berry lip or blue eyeliner a go, now’s your perfect chance.     

4. It’s the ultimate mascara finder

You only have one face, which means it can be hard to try on every mascara that catches your eye in store. But, how else will you know which one to choose?

Rimmel London’s Get the Look app makes it easy, as the Create a Look option lets you tap through every Rimmel mascara, from Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara to 24Hr SuperCurler Mascara. In a couple of clicks you can see how each one enhances your eyelashes, but be warned: once you see how good they are, you’re going to want them all.

6 ways your phone can help you nail your makeup routine

5. It makes shopping for makeup easy

Online shopping is a breeze, and you can easily do it on your phone – especially if you’re using Rimmel London’s Get the Look app. Whether you’ve gone for Steal the Look or Create the Look, this ground-breaking beauty BFF lists exactly which products you need to nail your dream makeup.

And, here’s where it gets really good: once you’ve got your list of products, you can add them to your in-app wishlist to return to later, or click to buy and have them delivered straight to your door. Simple!

6. It keeps your makeup look in check

You’re heading into the party, and you want one last look at your lipstick. Forgotten a mirror? That’s what the selfie mode on your camera phone was made for… sort of.

Use it when you’re topping up mascara or just admiring your smoky eyes, and your phone will always keep your makeup in check. You might as well snap a selfie while you’re at it, too.

6 ways your phone can help you nail your makeup routine

Want to steal gorgeous beauty looks and try on makeup with your phone? Rimmel London's FREE Get the Look app makes it so easy. Click to download it on iOS and Android right now.