8 tips for the perfect summer face

When it comes to summer makeup, you want your skin to glow, your pigments to remain melt-proof, and your look to tick some catwalk trend boxes along the way. You’re not asking for much, right? But there’s a knack to keeping your face in place on sunnier days, so we’ve compiled the smart girl’s guide to flawless hot weather makeup.                

Here are your 8 must-follow tips…

1. Make time to prime

8 tips for the perfect summer face

No face of makeup should be without a primer. Not only does it anchor the rest of your products down, but it creates a smooth canvas for easy application, too. Try a tinted version with added sun protection like Rimmel London #Insta Flawless, £6.99, and dab it on before you apply foundation to help your makeup last.  

2. Go for a glow

For a base that looks fresh and dewy in sunlight, opt for a glow-boosting foundation like Wake Me Up Foundation, £8.99, which veils your skin in radiance. It’s packed with hydrating properties that make it a dream to apply, while its anti-fatigue effect is perfect for disguising the signs of late summer nights.

3. Do sun-kissed sculpting

8 tips for the perfect summer face

Swap heavy contouring for sculpting that makes your skin look sun-kissed, like the prettifying shades in the Kate Sculpting Palette, £6.99, which contains a bronzer, coral blusher and highlighter. Sweep the bronzer below your cheekbones, swirl the blusher on the apples of your cheeks, and tap the shimmering champagne hue on your brow bones, chin and the bridge of your nose. Bronze goddess look, nailed.

4. Try true blue lids

8 tips for the perfect summer face

If there is one eyeshadow colour that defines this summer’s makeup trends, it’s cobalt blue. The shade was seen all over lids at Fashion Week in graphic lines and soft, sheer swathes. To get the look, grab the Magnif’Eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liner in Dark Side of Blue, £6.99, and trace the fine-tipped blue end along your upper eyelids, close to the lash line. To add more definition, finish by nudging the creamy black between your lashes, then add a few coats of a volumising black mascara. 

5. Wear waterproofs

8 tips for the perfect summer face

Speaking of mascara, the rule for summer is waterproof, as it will give you glossy lashes without any swim-and-sweat-induced smudges. We love Wonder’full Mascara Waterproof, £7.99, which is enriched with nourishing Argan Oil, so lashes feel soft and supple while looking long and volumised.

6. Shun the shine

8 tips for the perfect summer face

You want a dewy glow but you don’t want a shiny t-zone, which is where a good mattifying powder steps in, as it will keep skin smooth and grease-free in the face of warmer temps. Dust on Stay Matte Pressed Powder, £3.99, which feels weightless and instantly eliminates excess oil. This is everything you’ve always wanted in a face powder.

7. Embrace a bronze smoke

8 tips for the perfect summer face

While charcoal tones look sultry in winter, bronze smoky shadows are perfect for summer when the aim is a sun-kissed face, as if you’ve just stepped off the beach. Magnif’Eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liner in Queens of a Bronzed Age, £6.99, has everything you need to get the look: a creamy copper shadow you can blend over lids, and a champagne liner that highlights the inner corners for a glowy effect.    

8. Moisturise your mouth

8 tips for the perfect summer face

Keep summer lips in tip-top condition by opting for a lipstick that’s brimming with hydration. We love Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine, £6.49, for the dewiest pout around. It offers a plumping kiss of colour in eight on trend shades – from nudes to pinks to reds – while offering SPF20 and a blend of moisturising vitamins. What’s not to love? 

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