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A failsafe glow: How to pick the perfect self tan for you

Self tan is genius, isn’t it? Whether you’re prepping for a last minute party or want to be bronzed pre-beach, the right self-tanner will have you golden in no time. Throw in the fact that the safest tan is the one that comes from a bottle, and you’ll see why finding your at-home glow is a must in the summer months.

To make things easy for you, we’ve rounded up the pros of four types of self-tanner, so you’ll know which one to reach for next time you go for gold. Read on to discover your match…

A failsafe glow: How to pick the perfect self tan for you

For a tan that tones

We love a multi-tasking beauty buy, which is why we’re hooked on tanners that treat your skin – like a bronzing cream that gets your complexion in tip-top condition.

Sunshimmer Gradual Tan & Toning, £6.99, ticks that box thanks to a dose of Argan oil, which keeps your arms and legs feeling soft and supple, while making skin look more toned. Best of all, this one comes with a tint so you can see just where you’re applying it. Not only does that make it foolproof, but it means you get some instant colour, too!

A failsafe glow: How to pick the perfect self tan for you

For a high-tech tan

If you’re all about the latest in beauty news, you need to know about the Sunshimmer In-Shower Self Tan Lotion, £9.99; a breakthrough bronzer you apply while your skin is wet. After you’ve scrubbed with your usual wash, simply stand out of the shower stream and slather the transparent cream on. Then wait for just one minute and quickly rinse it off.

The subtle tan gradually develops after you’ve hopped out the shower, and even though you won’t feel it on your skin – not a trace! – you’ll soon see a golden glow.

For a quick faux fix

You know that moment when a last-minute party pops up, and you wish you’d had time to tan? An instant tanner is the perfect way to glow and go! Like foundation for your body, it takes five minutes to apply from head to toe, and if you opt for the Sunshimmer Instant Tan, £6.99, you can choose from a matte or shimmery finish.                                                                                                                              

For an ultra-natural look, use a mitt to buff on the matte lotion. It has a light, gel texture that makes it easy to blend for a believable bronzed effect.

A failsafe glow: How to pick the perfect self tan for you

For a lasting glow

Gradual and instant tans are great, but for those days when you want a glow that lasts, the Sunshimmer Self Tan Mousse, £7.99, is your perfect bronzing pick. The light, foamy texture means it’s easy to apply (and feels lovely on your skin, FYI), while ensuring it blends out flawlessly for a natural-looking, streak-free finish.

As for that long-lasting look, this glow-giving mousse lasts for up to seven days. Ideal if you’re off on holiday, and you want to look bronzed before you hit the pool.

Once you’ve picked your perfect tan, you’ll want to know how to apply it well. Click here for our guide to getting a glow without a single streak.