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A Small Rebellion: The best ways you rebelled at school

The smallest things can be a rebellion. Turning left instead of right. The choice of a lipstick colour. Not replying to a text, even when they know you’ve read it.

The days of being a teen are LOADED with rebellion – simply because every single thing we were told by adults sounded like, frankly, a terribly boring way to live our lives. Here are the best small rebellions we’re willing to confess to – make sure you tell us yours!

Make-up At School

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What kind of rule was it, where mascara was banned and nail polish was frowned upon, and lipstick was as taboo as making out in the toilets?
Sometimes our make-up rebellion was subtle – a French tip, a strawberry gloss. But other times we ringed our eyes with kohl ahead of history class, and covered ourselves with glitter, BECAUSE WE COULD. What was YOUR favourite make-up to wear to school?
An Altered Uniform
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Ah, school uniform. Always in the colours that made you look ill.
But there were solutions, if you were prepared to risk the side-eye from the head teacher, and we were guilty of ALL of the following: rolling our skirt hems, unbuttoning our blouses, tying our jumpers at the back, non-regulation shoes, long socks…
Hair Dye
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This was the best one – because a teacher can make you rub off your eyeliner, or unroll your skirt, but there wasn’t much they could do about a brunette barnet gone suddenly scarlet.
If you were prepared to face your head teacher’s wrath, it was all about the permanent colours: blue, green, orange. Even black got a reaction – though we favoured the red hair.
Hidden jewellery
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The more we think about it, the more we’re convinced: if we’d followed all the school rules, we’d have ended up horribly boring.
Jewellery was banned for reasons both sensible and not – that threat, though, didn’t stop us from sporting arms loaded with bracelets, and Best Friend necklaces beneath the regulation school blouse.
Fake Tan
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It didn’t matter that we were growing up beneath a sun barely capable of heating concrete – the look we had to have was tan, darker and darker, as if we’d just recently spent three successive months on a California beach.
The buzzword was orange, and that meant nothing as subtle as layering our tan, or using a mitt to achieve a more even coverage. That was only going to slow us down.
Of course, these days, acts of beauty rebellion are a lot easier to pull off thanks to The Only 1, a lipstick revolution from Rimmel London. It’s an all-in-one lipstick designed to shake things up for modern, fashionable girls everywhere.
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