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Arch 101: Your guide to seasonal brows

Brows. They’re the frame for your face and eyes, and do so much to make you look polished – which is why you need to have them looking absolutely perfect.

How? Expert-level eyebrow makeup that will give you lifted arches without a tweezer in sight – Rimmel London’s cache of game-changing brow makeup is here to give you selfie-worthy eyebrows.

Here are tips on how to make your eyebrows next-level gorgeous.

Pay attention to angles

Arch 101: Your guide to seasonal brows

A straight brow helps give almond-shaped eyes dimension and an angular face look beautifully balanced, while a steeply-arched brow gives a round face the linear dimension it’s missing. Keep your face shape in mind when thinking about changing up your arches.

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Manage your length

Make sure your eyebrows aren’t too long or too short. A 45-degree angle from the outer edge of your eye is your brow border. Stick to this hard and fast rule and you’ll always have eyebrows that look generously full and well-groomed. Don’t skip the finer details either; a brow gel that’s flake-free and a precision brush will give your arches that combed-through look. It’s a night-and-day effect that we’re totally addicted to. You will be too.

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Enhance your arches

The key to natural-looking eyebrows and not dated, drawn-on arches is in the rest of your makeup look. Create the illusion of defined brow bones with a highlighter that gives your face a sculpted look instantly.

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Groom carefully

Getting beautiful brows is easier than you think. Sometimes, it’s just the little things. Choose the right shade for your hair and skin tone. If you have blonde, red or light brown hair, opt for a lighter shade in your brow kit. If you have dark hair, choose a darker shade to match your hair colour for the most natural-looking results. A wax is key here too: it gives your brows an extra groomed effect and creates the glossy sheen of natural hair. Smart, right?

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Arch 101: Your guide to seasonal brows

Play with colour

Bring your eyeshadow all the way up to your eyebrow – or better yet, play with the latest makeup trend for summer: the underbrow. It’s exactly what you think it is - grab your favourite coloured eyeshadow (we love theRimmel London Magnif’eyes Mono Eyeshadow, £4.49), and paint a streak directly under your brow. If you want to mix it up, we’ve got another perfect palette for you…

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