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Bang On Brows: How to master the latest eyebrow trends EN

2015 was the Year of the Eyebrow - and that focus on your forehead seems unlikely to disappear in coming months. Where before they were plucked into non-existence and hidden beneath a heavy fringe, now a full, shaped eyebrow is a key part of your beauty arsenal.
But how do you get in the know with the latest brow trends? Get your tweezers and your brow styling gel and pay attention...
Bushy brows
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You can thank Cara for the resurgence of this look - and we're very grateful to Miss Delevingne because it has cut our eyebrow maintenance in half. It's officially the laziest brow trend out there.
Put down those tweezers, because all you're going to need is a bit of pencil and maybe a comb, since your granddad is now your eyebrow inspiration. Full brows are a beautiful thing because they frame your face, accentuate your make-up and they make you look younger.
Bleached brows
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There's something a bit alien about this look, but not in a bad way. Best mastered by platinum blondes, this look involves bleaching your eyebrows to the colour of your skin, to give the impression of no eyebrows at all. If you're not feeling that brave, then you can hack your way to this attention-grabbing look with concealer. One thing's for sure - it's not a look you can ignore.
Straight brows
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In Korea, straight brows are the way forward. While we love the arched look, going straight makes you less about the diva and more about the blunt edges - in a good way.
Here's a great hack to nail this look: conceal the outer arch of the brow with a tonne of concealer, then use a filler pencil to pencil the brow in as straight and thick as possible. Basically you want to hide any hairs that give arch to the brow, and exaggerate the straight line. It's totally accessible, and totally cute.
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