Beat the crease: how to get the most flawless eyeshadow ever

There’s nothing that takes a makeup look from low key to high octane like upping your eyeshadow game. But, unlike a simple kiss of lipstick or a glimmer of highlighter, applying eyeshadow requires plenty of precision and blending. And there’s nothing worse than having your painstakingly applied shadow making a break for it halfway through the day, leaving you with smudgy – rather than smokey – lids.

But with our top tips, you no longer have to fear runaway eye makeup. Step this way for flawless, striking eyes...

First, make sure your eyelids are clean, moisturised and oil-free. Dust a little translucent powder, like theClear Complexion Powder, £3.99, across your lids for a smooth, matte finish. Then it’s time to get priming - your eyeshadow is going to last a lot longer if it has something to grip to.

Eyeshadow primer will ensure your eyeshadow stays in place all day. We love Undercover Shadow Primer, £4.99, which is ultra lightweight and evens out your skin tone. Simply dab it onto your eyelid with your fingers for perfectly smooth lids.

If you’re using a bright eyeshadow and you really want to make the pigment pop, apply a white pencil underneath the colour, likeScandalEyes Shadow Stick in Witness White, £4.49. This will noticeably brighten the pigment that you layer over the top, as well as giving the shadow something to hold on to.

Next, dampen your eyeshadow brush with a tiny amount of water, and it will a) make blending a total breeze and b) give more vibrancy to the colour.

When applying the pigment, start by simply pressing the colour onto your eyelids first, then begin blending to get the look you’re after – whether that’s a dramatic smokey eye or a bold swoosh of colour.

Want bright, bold colours for your eyes? Check out Rimmel’s great range ofMagnif’Eyes Mono Shadow, £4.49 each. And head over here for all the hacks you need to apply it