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How to ace your party season nails

Party season is in full swing. You’ve picked out your outfits - sparkly somethings that are perfect for the gamut of parties you’re RSVP-ing to.

But what about makeup? More importantly, what about your nails? There’s no way you can rock up to a Christmas party with your hands looking less than festive.

Here are three manicure looks that will help you ace party season this year - and maybe even start a few conversations.

Subtle Sparkle

How to ace your party season nails for December and beyond!

Love the party season but a little nail art shy? There are plenty of ways to glam up your Christmas season look without going gaudy. Try a manicure that plays with neutral tones while still adding shimmer to your look.

Apply a thin base coat ofRimmel London Super Gel Kate 15in Boho-licious and let it dry. Then gently apply a piece of tape to the bottom half of your nail to help create an extended nail moon. Be sure to cover any cracks so that the nailpolish you apply on top won’t seep through.

Apply a thin coat ofRimmel London Super Gel Kate 15in Gilty Pleasure on each of your nails. Wait for them to dry (watch a Rimmel beauty tutorialwhile you wait!). Gently remove the tape and then apply a thin coat ofRimmel London’s Super Gel Topcoatfor a long-lasting pro-gel finish.

Then don a rose-gold frock and hit the dancefloor.

Season-Ready Red

How to ace your party season nails for December and beyond!

Nothing screams “It’s Christmas party time, people!” like a glittering red manicure. Ideally, one with a gel finish that will let you sip and snack and dance the night away without a single worry or care. So if you’re a fan of this seasonal hue, this is the manicure for you.

Apply a thin, even coat of Rimmel London’s Super Gel in a subtly shimmery Rock ‘N’ Sparkle and let it dry. Then take a glittering gold (we love Rimmel London’s Glitter Bomb in Bling On The Glitter) and brush it over the tips your nails for a glitter-dipped effect (double up the coats for an especially spangly finish). Apply a thin coat of Rimmel London’s Super Gel Topcoat to seal your look in.

Match your mani with Christmas makeup (a red lip will more than do) and find a festive red top. Then, look out for mistletoe!

Try one or both of these party manicures at your next festive party. Then, find out exactly how to make your DIY nail art last and last