How to choose the mascara that's perfect for you

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or how you’re feeling: your eyelashes should always be working hard to help you look and feel on top of your game.

Whether you’re on the job or out on the town, Rimmel London has a lash-boosting mascara that will make your flutter match your mood. Feast your eyes on these… 

Job interview – Rimmel London Wonder’full Wake Me Up Mascara

It’s the day of the big job interview, and you’re ready to wow the room with your skills. Only trouble is, nerves had you up all night tossing and turning. Don’t panic – simply brush this cucumber-scented mascara through your eyelashes, and the fragrance will perk you up while the volumising formula will make eyes look more awake. It’s pure nourishment for your eyes in the morning, and just what you need to start your day.

Work day – Rimmel Volume Flash Super Speed Mascara

So you got the job - well done! You’re already making friends and impressing your boss, but you need to work on cutting down the morning beauty routine. Grab this mascara for some speedy lash-plumping, as the quick-fix polymer builds mega volume that sets in seconds, while the zig zag brush untangles each lash from root to tip. Just one swipe and you’re out the door flaunting the perfect instant flutter.

Cocktails with the girls – Rimmel Supercurler 24HR Mascara Extreme Black

You’re having some post-work gossip with your favourite squad, and you need a lash look to match the glamorous mood. Enter this curl-boosting, eye-opening mascara! Leave the eyelash curler at home and glide the curved brush through the top and bottom of your upper lashes for a full-on flutter that hits a 90-degree angle. Bonus: a super-curling polymer helps to hold the shape in place, so you’ll still be working a serious curl when you creep through the door at 5am.

Weekend – Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara With Argan Oil

Time to recharge after a busy week with a fresh manicure, face mask, and this conditioning mascara that treats your lashes to Argan Oil. The oil helps to nourish your lashes back to their bouncier, fuller best – plus, it allows the formula to glide on smoothly so you’re left with zero clumps. Win-win!