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London tube make-up: Dos and don'ts of on-the-go make-up application

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We've all been there. You slept through your alarm, couldn't find any clean tights and your hair took twice as long as usual to tame into a manageable shape. 

So now you're rushing out of the house with a bare face and there's only one thing for it – you're going to have to do your make-up on the tube.

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But there are pitfalls ahead if you’re not on point – so here are our tips for applying make-up on public transport…

DO: Apply foundation at home

Foundation is an essential part of your beauty regime, but it is a touch too messy for the tube, especially if you’re a fan of liquid foundations. Do it before you go and grab concealer for touch-ups on the journey.

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DON'T: Forget the tissues

You will make mistakes, and wiping away a misjudged eyeliner flick with your finger or sleeve is not efficient. If you're really on top of things, keep a couple of cotton wool buds in your bag.

DO:Get a seat

Not the easiest advice, we grant you, but be ruthless and use your elbows. Otherwise you'll be trying to put on your mascara while being jostled by someone's massive backpack.

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DON'T: Pile it on

Keep it simple, so your bag isn't overflowing with tubes and compacts and brushes. You probably don't need to contour your face for work, though a touch of strobing won't hurt…

DO: Apply mascara and eyeliner at stations

Unless you're a real pro, if you try this while the train's moving, you will stick the wand/pencil/pen in your eye. (Trust us, we’ve been there.)

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DON'T: Try something new

It might seem obvious, but now is not the time to try that modern take on the 60s' flick when you've never even picked up liquid eyeliner before. Save it for a calm morning!

DO: Invest in two-in-one products

Lip and cheek stains, BB creams, concealer-highlighters… These are all your friends. And with the leaps and bounds Rimmel has made, these products are now just as good as your single duty make-up.

DON'T: Be the passenger from hell

Applying mascara, eyeliner and lipstick on the tube? All fine. Tweezing, filing or cutting your nails? Not so fine. Also, as much as we love nail art – the tube probably isn’t the place…

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DO: Practice

Finding it tricky to put on lipstick on a moving train? Use that downtime in front of the TV in the evening to get really, really good at using liquid eyeliner. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect.

DON'T: Be shamed

There is definitely a stuffy school of thought which says that applying make-up on the tube is Simply Not Done. Ignore them. As long as you're not scattering powder on your fellow passengers' trousers, who cares? Keep calm and carry on...

Whether or not you invented it on the tube, we want to see your London Look!

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