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North vs South vs East vs West: Meet the London Look tribes

London is, without a doubt, the style capital of the world.

Cool, eclectic, laid back, fashion-forward… These are all phrases regularly used to describe Londoners and their unique flair. But within London itself there are many different style tribes.

Take a fashion tour through the city with our guide to the London Look at the four points of the compass.


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We all recognise the East London look, although it refuses to be pigeonholed. Think eclectic, individual and all your own. Mix vintage with high street with high-end with that old school jacket you last wore when you were 10. The main aim is to not look like anyone else, particularly when you step outside your postcode.

And when it comes to your hair, shave, dye, crop and gel any way you want, and then get experimental on your face. Clear skin, full colour, can't lose.


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You know the drill – think Made In Chelsea. Swishy, glossy blowdried hair paired with flawless, pared-back make-up. Daytime, keep it to a small cat's eye flick and some nude gloss, then amp up the drama in the evening with a smokey eye or red lip.

One of your outfits will be worth more than most people's wardrobe, and you have to have a fresh manicure every other day.

Skinny jeans are paired with big (faux) fur jackets, or bare legs with the latest 70s-inspired Marni dress and slouchy boots. White teeth and a subtle tan are non-negotiable.


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All those green open spaces mean there's a lot of sport going down in the South of London. You can't pass Battersea Park or Clapham Common without nearly being hit on the head by a flying rugby ball.

Fit in by adopting leggings as your garment of choice – but not the ones you wear for Netflix binge-watching! Pricey and tight is the way to go, paired with a sports bra and top just cropped enough to show off your abs.

Hair is, of course, pulled back in a swingy ponytail or left to hang naturally, and make-up is limited to mascara, a smudge of eyeliner and enough blusher to make you look as though you've just been for a light run.


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North London media types would rather die than look too done-up, so any glamorous outfit is paired with grungy eye makeup and Converse. Barbour and Hunter wellies are a bit of a weekend uniform, but unlike the West London tribe, they've actually been muddied by walking through a park or two.

The hair is slung up in a messy bun (although – whisper it - it probably took a good half an hour to make it look so undone). The make-up features a careless smudged smokey eye or dark lips on a bare face. Striking, but in an intellectual way, you know?

Got your own London Look that you want to share with the world?

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