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Setting your base: Tips and tricks for keeping your face in place

So, you’ve bought your favourite foundation, in a shade perfectly matched to your skin tone – now, you need to make sure it looks on fleek from dawn ‘til dusk.                         

Here’s how to avoid shine with sure-fire foundation tips to help you ace your base.

Moisturise and prime

Tips and tricks for keeping your face in place

One of the main reasons why your foundation seems to be less than fresh is because your skin is thirsty. It needs moisture in order for your base to settle, otherwise your pores will create their own natural drying defence, called sebum, which is the oil you see on your face. Prevent this by surging your skin with moisture and protection. A primer is your first multitasking defence against a shiny face.

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Buff to beautiful

Tips and tricks for keeping your face in place

Uneven application might clog pores and cause your skin to react in ways you never expected – but you can create a smooth surface by buffing your makeup on.

After you’ve applied your moisturising primer, dab a 5p-sized amount of your favourite liquid foundation in the centre of your forehead, your nose, both cheeks, and on your chin. Then, using a foundation brush or sponge, gently buff and blend these dots outward until you reach your hairline. Don’t forget to work the product down to your neck to avoid foundation lines.

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Powder up

The secret to stay shine-free all day is to use a setting powder. Pro tip: switch up your tools and try a powder puff instead of a face brush to prevent your powder from getting everywhere and to help eliminate any shine instantly by working the product over your t-zone with a bit of a baking technique (it’s what nearly every beauty blogger is doing!). Now your face is ready for your favourite bronzer or blusher – whatever you’re in the mood for today.

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