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Tantouring: your everything guide to golden contouring

You’ve already heard about contouring, but now there’s a new way to sculpt your face. It’s called ‘tantouring,' and it chisels your cheekbones in the most glow-boosting way. It’s pretty simple, really; you still use makeup to emphasise shading, but instead of using a sculpting powder as a base, you get the look with a self-tanner. Here’s how…

Find the right light

Being a golden goddess means applying your makeup in the best lighting. Work with daylight if you can by applying your makeup near a window. If it’s dark outside, look for a light source that’s in front of you – as opposed to overhead lighting – so you can see all of the finer details. 

Tantour first

your everything guide to golden contouring

Begin with a self-tanner. For long-lasting sculpting, use theSunShimmer Self Tan Mousse, £7.99, or trySunShimmer Instant Tan Matte, £6.99, if you want to be able to tan and go. Put a small amount on the end of an angle brush, and very lightly blend it beneath your cheekbones, along your hairline and jawline, and down the sides of your nose.

Go gradual

Don’t add too much right away. Start with a small amount of tantouring at first, and gradually build upon it if you feel like amping up your glow.

Golden girl

your everything guide to golden contouring

Enhance your tantouring with some traditional contouring.Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer, £5.99, is perfect, as it blends easily and has a matte finish for the most believable bronze.

The eyes have it

Gilded eyes look great with tantouring, and a fine veil of shimmer makesMagnif’eyes Mono Eyeshadow in Gold Record,£4.49, catch the light just so. Apply the colour all over your lids or use it in the inner corners of your eyes for eye-popping glow.

High(lighter) and mighty

your everything guide to golden contouring

Now, top off that tantour with some shimmer. Rimmel’s Good to Glow Highlighter, £4.99, comes in three London-inspired shades: Notting Hill Glow (rose), Piccadilly Glow (sheer coral), and Soho Glow (bronze). Blend along the tops of your cheekbones, under the arch of your brows and on your Cupid’s bow for the prettiest finish.

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