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The beauty blogger trick for faking fuller lips

Full, luscious lips are everything in the beauty blogger world, and nailing that on-point plumper pout is easy with the right tips and tricks. All you need to do is turn to the moves that the queens of the selfie use and love, and you’ll be rocking a YouTube-ready lip look in no time. Lipstick at the ready…

Prep your pout

Every blogger knows that flawless makeup is all in the way you prep, so get lips ready by gently buffing them smooth with a warm, damp flannel. Top with a layer of the Conditioning Balm by Kate, £5.49, which softens up your pout with a blend of lightweight oils, so your lip liner glides on like a dream.

The beauty blogger trick for faking fuller lips

Blank them out

Before you apply a plumped-up shape, you need to blank out your natural lip colour. You can do this easily with a creamy concealer, like Match Perfection Concealer, £5.99. Slick it on as you would a lipstick, use your finger to gently blend, and your pout will be ready for a little bit of clever contouring.

Line and define

Using a bronzer, like Natural Bronzer, £5.99, shade just below your lower lip line. Then grab a nude lip pencil, like 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Spice, £2.99, to outline and fill your lips. While you’re lining, be sure to really play up the shape of your cupid’s bow, and etch your pencil so it goes slightly outside your natural lip shape for a really full look.  

The beauty blogger trick for faking fuller lips

Gloss and go

Finally, add an ultra-sheeny, nude gloss on the very centre of your lips. We love Oh My Gloss! in Purr… Glossy Cat, £5.49, for a pout-plumping reflective finish.                                                  

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