The Only 1 Lipstick: Your complete guide from Naughty Nude to Oh-So-Wicked

Whether you think of yourself as a trend-setter or a trend-follower, you’re going to want to get your hands on Rimmel London’s latest offering: The Only 1 Lipstick.

Featuring 15 dynamic, highly pigmented shades in a range of hues to suit every skin tone, you’ll be tempted to ditch the weight from your make-up bag and stick to these from now on. They’re moisturising and long-wearing and you’re going to want all 15.

But what can you expect from the shade range? Let us run you through the full, fabulous list…

It’s A Keeper (#200)

A soft, suede-inspired mauve-based pink, this colour will tie together your make-up look without pulling focus from your other features. Try coupling it with Exaggerate Lipliner in Eastend Snob to keep your lines sharp – layering the liner underneath the lipstick will give you a deeper, more matte finish.

Naughty Nude (#700)
This is the perfect dusky nude to wear if you’re not looking to fade into the background – it’s subtle, but the touch of rust to the hue leads into this season’s hot brown trend, without being too dramatic.
Pink Me, Love Me (#100)
A soft, sweet baby pink, you’ll want to wear this with both your bikini and your thick winter coat. The colour is mild enough to avoid clashing with anything in your wardrobe, so keep it in your pocket for the days when you want to brighten up your look while keeping things subtle.
Pink Me Punch (#110)
A warm bright coral pink, this is great option if you’re looking to pair a bright lip with a smokey eye. Not heavy enough to weigh down your make-up look, it’ll provide a great nighttime foil to a wicked cat-eye.
You’re All Mine (#120)
Slightly milder than its close cousin, Pink Me Punch, this is a daytime bright that’ll catch eyes. Slightly warmer than other vivid corals in the collection, it’ll quickly become your go-to pink.
Listen Up (#300)
You’ll have gathered from the name that this is an attention-grabbing lipstick, and you’re not wrong – this vivid fuchsia hue is the one to don when you’re looking to draw all eyes to your lips. It’s rich and hydrating and a treat to wear.
Peachy Beachy (#600)
This is the one for the day when you want to wear lipstick, but don’t want to have to worry about smudging or reapplication. Prettily peachy, this one pairs well with a soft, natural make-up look – so all you’ll need is some dark mascara and pinked-up cheeks for an innocent daytime look.
Cheeky Coral (#610)
A classic cool coral, this is a stand-out shade that’s perfect for adding colour to rainy days.
Call Me Crazy (#620)
If you’ve been keen to experiment with the latest trend – orange-based lipsticks – then this is a great place to start. The colour payoff is rich and opaque, but the slick formula means you’ll be able to tidy up application errors with ease. It’s just orange enough to put you at the forefront of this season’s trends, but not so bright it’ll scare you off.
Revolution Red (#500)
Revolution Red is the hue you’ll see sported by the gorgeous Georgia May Jagger in the Only 1 lipstick campaign, and it’s easy to see why. The blue-based bold red whitens your teeth and is a staple for any London girl looking to make a statement.
Best of The Best (#510)
A vivid, delicious raspberry red, this is a must-have for any blue-eyed blondes – it’ll bring out the colour in your eyes. Don’t worry about having to reapply the colour to keep it that bright during the night, either – the satin finish means it’s more than capable of keeping up with you.
Easy Does It (#710)
A classic your-lips-but-better shade, this is the kind of lipstick you’ll want to slick on at the beginning of every day. Use it to draw together a professional, toned-down make-up look.
One of A Kind (#810)
A dark red with a strong pink undertone, this lipstick has the berry trend nailed down, without tipping over into a plummy colour. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a strong winter look without purple undertones – and an excellent gateway into darker colours.
Under My Spell (#800)
A romantic pinky-purple, this lipstick is demure enough to go from day to night, with the modern hue really popping under bright lights.
Oh So Wicked (#820)
Get this one in your kit early on, because it’s the perfect autumnal shade, an ideal match with sooty lashes and a gently bronzed eye-shadow. The blackened cherry hue might look a little intimidating, but remember that this product is buildable – so whether you prefer a violet stain or a opaque berry lip, this is the cold-weather purple for you.
Whether you’re on the look-out for the perfect nude, a striking pink or your new statement red, you’ll find it in The Only 1 lipstick line-up.
The real problem will be deciding which one to buy first…
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