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The only eyeshadow tutorial you need this summer

Eyeshadow is everything this season, with models’ lids dusted in shades of azure blue, violet and fuchsia. They’re all gorgeous, but if we had to pick just one shadow look to wear this season, it would be the super-sultry, bronzy take on the smoky eye.

Why? It suits everyone, as the shimmer will enhance all eye colours, while the smudginess of the look itself means it’s ultra easy to do. To make it even simpler, we’ve rounded up your essential step-by-step guide to a bronzed lid.

1. Add some glow

The only eyeshadow tutorial you need this summer

As with all the best summer makeup looks, this smoky eye starts with a glowy base, so grab a highlighter like the shimmering powder in the Kate Sculpting Palette, £6.99.

Use your finger to tap it just below your brows, in the centre of your eyelids, and in the corner of your eyes for instant radiance. This step will lift your look. 

2. Create a creamy canvas

The only eyeshadow tutorial you need this summer

You want your smoky look to last, so begin with a cream eyeshadow like the deep, copper tip of Magnif’Eyes Double-Ended Shadow + Liner in Queens of a Bronzed Age, £6.99.

Apply it all over the lid, and the long-wear, waterproof formula will veil your eyes in rich, shimmering pigment, while also giving grip to the shadows you sweep on top.

3. Sweep and blend

The only eyeshadow tutorial you need this summer

Pick two powder shadows, like a yellow gold and a chocolate brown. We like Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Mono Eyeshadows in VIP Pass and Gold Record, £4.49.

Apply them in blocks, with the gold on the inner half of your lid, and the brown on the outer half – then blend, blend, blend, diffusing the outer edges as you go.

4. Plump your lashes

And, now, the finishing touch. Use a plumping mascara like Volume Colourist Mascara, £7.99, and sweep it from root to tip to make your lashes look full and glossy.

There’s a big bonus here: Volume Colourist Mascara comes with a gradual tint, so it darkens your lashes over 14 days of wear for strands that look plush and black when bare. Clever, huh?

Now you’ve perfected your eye makeup, you’ll want to make it last. Click here to discover top tips on helping your shadows survive the summer heat.