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Virtual beauty: try on the latest makeup trends without stepping into a store

Back in the day, we used to spend hours in the pharmacy, smearing on different lipstick colours and trying out our favourite brands; these days we’re lucky to have enough time for an online shop. Going to a store to try on makeup is an old-school luxury – but if you’re nostalgic for makeup browsing, all is not lost. An easy way to try on the beauty looks you’ve seen in a mag or on your friends is here.

And it’s in your pocket.

How your phone can let you try your favourite makeup trends

Rimmel’s new – and totally free – Get The Look app introduces a revolutionary way to steal those perfect beauty looks and try them on yourself, without a single store in sight.

Whether you covet the smoky eyes and nude lip on Kate Moss, the green liner sported by your favourite beauty blogger, or the red lippy that your mate is wearing right now, Get the Look makes it super easy to steal their style and put it straight on your face…

How your phone can let you try your favourite makeup trends

How? Simply tap the Steal the Look button, snap a pic of your friend or the celebrity (yes, taking a photo of a photo works!) and in mere seconds the app will transfer the look to your face so you can see how it suits you. Even better, it will show you how to get the same look with Rimmel’s own collection of products.

How your phone can let you try your favourite makeup trends

Lush lashes, perfect cat-eye flicks, matte and gloss lips – you can buy all the products in-app and have them delivered straight to your door! It’s digital beauty for the new age.

Want in on stealing makeup looks from the latest catwalk, magazine or Instagram post? Download Rimmel London’s Get The Look beauty on your iOSor Android phone now. It’s completely free!