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Your must-have guide to contouring your face in summer

Contouring might not seem like a holiday beauty look, but trust us. With the right techniques you can get that structured, highlighted look without ending up with makeup that looks more West End than summertime sweet.

Here, we show you how to create definition and dimension with an all-in-one palette that’s easy to pop into your purse – all in under a minute. 

Step 1: Find your light

Your must-have guide to contouring your face in summer

Nothing sets off a tan like shimmering highlighter- and you’ll get all the glow you need from the Rimmel London Kate Moss Sculpting Palette, £6.99. Use one side of your brush and sweep the centre of your forehead, your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and brow bones with the super-fine pale powder. See how your face looks instantly more awake and lifted. It’s makeup magic.

Step 2:  Define your features

Your must-have guide to contouring your face in summer

Flip your brush over. Then, follow the hollow: find the space just under your cheekbone, and brush along the shadow using the darkest shade in your Kate Moss sculpting palette, sweeping a soft line from the outer edge of your cheek to the apple of your cheek.

For extra definition, take a smaller eyeshadow brush and use the same powder to create definition along the bridge of your nose, the angles of your jaw and the outer edges of your forehead near your hairline. This will help make your foundation look nicely blended and your tan look completely natural.

Step 3: Add a pop of colour

Your must-have guide to contouring your face in summer

Here’s what the makeup artists know: a hint of colour on the cheeks sets off the perfect contour. Using the same brush, shake off any residue and apply a small amount of blush at the apple of your cheek in circular motions. Sweep your brush lightly over your eyes, the tip of your nose and chin to balance the colour on your face. Perfectly proportioned and pretty!

Finish off your contoured makeup look with two of our favourite get-gorgeous products: the Rimmel London Wonder'full Waterproof Mascara With Argan Oil, £7.99 and Rimmel London Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipstick, £6.49. You won’t need anything else to look put-together and summer-ready.

There you have it: your complete warm-weather face. But don’t stop there, we’ve got hacks to help your makeup look last through swim, sweat and sudden summer showers.