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Let's make plans.

Happy New Year! Gosh, isn't January horrible? No-one's got any money, everyone's fed up with being back at work. it's cold...and Spring seems forever away. I find that the best way to combat the January Blues is to make exciting plans. Nothing cheers me up more than something to look forward to, even if it's something little, or something big (like buying tickets to a festival!). And the best place to make plans is with your friends, in a cozy cafe, preferably with yummy cakes and hot mugs of coffee, all wearing your new Christmas jumpers. Boulangerie Bon Matin is a cafe literally 3 minutes down my road. I always walk past the window filled with the most YUMMY looking cakes, and once treated my Boyf to a Lemon Sponge as a pastry-based surprise. So if you're in Finsbury Park, you must pop in, and start to make your 2012 look FUN. x