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Ma**r of s*a**dy c*t t*wn

SHUSH...Now, I have pondered over posting this for a whole week. And it's not because I have a million readers who will, i'm sure, want to drop what they are doing right this second and run at speed towards a new London venue in a flurry of excitement and intrigue. No, it's because I kind of really like this place, and I enjoy the fact its not London busy (yet) and you can chat and eat and drink and it feels naughty and secretive and I just like knowing that it's there, waiting for fun to begin. So with this in mind, i'm not posting a link or explaining any more...although to get in you have to climb through a giant SMEG fridge (first clue) and ask to see the Mayor (second clue) so very exciting! It's plastered all over tinternet now anyway. And unless you are a few cucumber sandwiches short, you'll not have to look far to find out how you get to the wonderful placewithnoname. Or...if you most definitely can't wait to find out, post me a comment and I shall respond with venue details.