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Cirque du soleil at the royal albert hall

It’s January and Cirque du Soleil has arrived in West again. This year they are performing their show called ‘Totem’ at The Royal Albert Hall, I went to see an afternoon performance last week and even though I’ve been to see it a couple of times before it still wows me every time! My favourite scene came at the very beginning where acrobats perform breath-taking stunts from a turtle skeleton, it really reminds me of an extreme children’s playground! I was also mesmerised by the incredible lighting they have used, the effect is as if the whole stage is washed with water and the synchronisation with the music makes for a truly epic show. I left wishing that I had paid more attention in my gymnastic lessons when I was younger… but totally inspired and uplifted nonetheless – a great thing to cheer you up during this gloomy January weather!