The New Rules Of Make-Up: We've thrown out the rule book - so listen up!

The rules of make-up used to be hard and fast, but nowadays, with so many changes in the world of make-up, the old rules no longer apply. With that in mind we've written an all-new make-up rule book - and we think you're going to like it. Rule 1: "DO pair a smokey eye with a bright lip"

The era when we had to pick one or the other and stick with it is over. Now, we're embracing a strong look for the whole face: and that means picking up your eyeliner and your lipstick and making a statement. If you need an icon for this new world, look no further than Rita Ora.

Rule 2: "Glitter is for EVERYONE"

Gone are the days when glitter was for school discos - now a subtle hint of shimmer around the eyes, or an all-out rainbow dusting across the nails and lips is the way to go, no matter your age. Shine bright like a diamond, bae.

Rule 3: "DO wear mascara on your bottom lashes"

Do you know what mascara on your bottom lashes does? Opens up your eyes, giving you that spidery wide-eyed look. Check for clumps, of course, but otherwise layer up. You're beautiful, and so are your lashes.

Rule 4: "DO wear dark lip colours if you don't have full lips"

Dark lipstick is striking and glamorous, and it's a look that works for everyone, whether you've got a plump pout or not. Gothic glam is a key look for this season and it's time to embrace it. Just keep it off your teeth. That's a rule we're okay with obeying.

Rule 5: "DO mismatch your lipstick and nail polish"

What a boring world we'd live in, if everything matched. We reckon clashing your fingertips with your pout is a sure-fire good look - try a peachy lip with a blue mani, or a red lip with grey nails. The colour combos are endless, classy and striking.

Rule 6: "DO wear any make-up colours you want"

A few years ago we were all about "warm" tones and "cool" tones - and it's still important when it comes to base and concealer. But once you've nailed that (and Rimmel's Match Perfection foundation has such a wide range of colours, it's dead easy), go to town. Anyone can wear purple. Or green. Or blue. Banish the rules and work the colours you love.