The Multi-Tasker Concealer

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010 Porcelain - For light skin with Neutral undertones CHOOSE YOUR SHADE FIRST/ 9
The Multi-Tasker Concealer covers up blemishes, brightens dark circles and covers to even out skin tone. The super-sized soft-touch wand with built-in product reservoir lets you add precise full coverage wherever you need it – on blemishes and under the eyes or all over the face. The buildable high-pigment makeup formula glides on and blends into skin perfectly to create a brighter-looking, smooth, even canvas. The colour corrector lasts all day, so you can say bye-bye to breakouts, discolouration, redness, pigmentation, acne scars and visible pores.   - A liquid concealer that helps cover up imperfections - The lightweight and non-greasy formula doesn’t smudge, cake or flake - A supersized soft-touch wand allows for precise application - The makeup also delivers up to 24-hours’ hydration effect - Crease-proof, transfer-proof and waterproof

How to apply

Step 1: Using fingertips or a concealer brush, lightly tap and blend out the formula for a seamless finish.
Step 2: To really set your base into place, dust a finishing powder over the concealer and foundation to lock it all in.

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