'90s Makeup Trends Not Just For #TBT

Let’s be real: there are some ‘90s makeup trends (like skinny eyebrows and hair mascara) that belong in the past. These days, we’re all about bold brows and keeping our mascara on our eyelashes only, thanks. However, a raft of way more wearable ‘90s looks are making a comeback for autumn ‘19, and these trends tick off allll of our makeup #goals, from sculpted skin (tick) to fuller-looking lips (tick, tick). So, let’s go for the ultimate throwback and embrace some beauty nostalgia. Here are the four ‘90s makeup trends you’ll be loving all season long…

1. Bold Brown Lipstick

The ‘90s take on brown lipstick wasn’t nude and natural-looking. Brown was worn as a statement shade in full, pigment-rich colour with a matte or satin finish. Want in? To ensure your brown lip doesn’t look like a nude, choose a shade that’s at least three shades lighter or darker than your skin tone, then swipe it on in all its bold glory.

If velvety lips are your vibe, try Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour in deep brown Plunge (right) or coffee-toned Scandalous, pressing the colour on the centre of your lips before blending out with fingertips. Flawless.

2. Waterline Eyeliner

Waterline eyeliner is back in a big way. If sultry, smokey makeup is your ride-or-die, this ‘90s trend is going to cut your morning makeup routine in half. Instead of carefully blending on smokey eyeshadows, grab an eyeliner pencil and glide it along the upper and lower waterlines for dreamy definition.

Our favourite for this look is Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Black, because the water-resistant formula doesn’t fade, giving you hours of flawless, fierce wear. To apply, use your ring finger to gently lift the upper eyelid or open the lower lid, which will help to expose the waterline. Then, apply the jet-black pencil from corner to corner for a mesmer-eye-sing look.

3. Catwalk Contouring

Supermodels were everything in the ‘90s. Instead of copying the latest viral Instagram trend, beauty addicts were hooked on runway looks at the hottest London Fashion Week shows. And there was one thing all the supers had in common: killer catwalk-ready contouring, complete with a natural finish and a fresh, frosted lip.

‘90s contouring is a world away from the sharp sculpting you see on IG. It’s more about achieving a bronzy skin finish that pairs perfectly with Clueless-style plaid or double denim. Try a bronzer, like Natural Bronzer, to get the look, using a large powder brush to glide it from the hollows of cheeks up to the temples and hairline. Simple, speedy and subtle.

4. Pretty Pastel Eyeshadow

If you’re a colour QUEEN, you’ll love this ‘90s makeup trend. Pastel lids were a go-to look way back when, and right now no shade is off limits, whether you love powder blue or candyfloss pink. The best part about this trend is that you only need to work with one shade of pastel eyeshadow, so you don’t have to worry about flawless blending or creating a gradient effect.

Instead, stick to one shadow and apply in a cloud-like shape over your lids, or opt for graphic lines by stroking colour on with a fine eyeliner brush. Our go-to hues include Magnif’Eyes Mono Eyeshadow in baby pink Poser, shimmery mint green A-List or Jelly Glitter Gel in Purple Rain.

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