The Best Eyebrow Products For Your Brow Shape

Wow, wow, brow! If you dream of Insta-ready arched eyebrows or full and fluffy boy brows, we’ve rounded up the best eyebrow products for your shape, perfect for achieving every type of brow look. So, forget thin and sparse eyebrows; we’ve got the products to step up your makeup game in an instant. Keep scrolling to achieve your ultimate brow goals in just a few steps...

Boyish Brows

Have everyone saying ‘those BROWS, though’ with a boy brow vibe. The trend for bigger, fluffier eyebrows is going nowhere, and we are living for it. Get the look with our step-by-step for full brow flawlessness.

Step 1: Brush upwards through brows to fluff them up, revealing your natural eyebrow shape.

Step 2: Next, lightly etch Brow This Way Fibre Pencil into the eyebrow using light strokes to outline and lightly define. Follow your natural brow shape and fill in to get that fullness.

Step 3: Finish by brushing through brows to lightly blend the pencil, creating a full and flawless eyebrow look. You just raised your brow game.

Define This

Sass up your brows with this fierce sculpted look. Stand out with a statement eyebrow shape and get those brow arches strong. We’re all about bold definition, perfect for your Insta feed and beyond. Goodbye, sparse brows…

Step 1: Using the Brow This Way Palette, dip the accompanying angled brush into the wax. Glide through brows to sculpt your angles, then fill in any gaps using the precision pointed tip.

Step 2: Next, define and set it all in place with the new Wonder’Full Brow Gel. Brush through your eyebrows in short, sharp strokes to catch every brow hair. Consider your brows tamed.

Step 3: Finish by getting those arches on point. Apply Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil underneath eyebrows, lifting and highlighting just below the highest point of the arch.

The Bigger, The Better

Go big or go home. If your brows are naturally a little wild, sculpt and tame them to show off those arches to perfection. Because who doesn’t love a big, bold brow?

Step 1: Sculpt an arch into bigger brow shapes using Brow This Way Shake Filling Powder. Follow your natural direction of hair group and use the tip of the brush to fill in gaps and add definition.

Step 2: Brush through brows using Wonder’Full Brow Gel. Keep sweeping in short strokes to tame stray brow hairs into place, leaving a smooth, streamlined finish.

Step 3: Apply Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil underneath arches to lift and get that angled shape looking fire in seconds. So. Much. Yaaaasss.

Au Naturel

Is a no-makeup makeup look your vibe? If you’re looking for naturally thicker, more defined brows, we’ve got you covered. Get thinner arches looking fierce in just a few sweeps of an eyebrow pencil… You’re welcome.

Step 1: Using the brush at the end of the Professional Eyebrow Pencil, sweep through brows to reveal your natural eyebrow shape.

Step 2: With the tip of the brow pencil, fill in your natural eyebrow shape with short strokes flicking upwards, recreating the look of tiny brow hairs for the most natural look. Find a shade that’s just a little darker than your natural colouring for added definition.

Step 3: Fill in gaps with Brow This Way Shake Filling Powder, using the applicator to brush through and thicken your natural shape. It’s smudge-, transfer- and water-proof, too.

Step 4: Finish with Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil etched underneath eyebrows, blending to lift that arch for natural brow perfection. FLAWLESS.

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