The No-Drama Foundation Routine For Oily Skin

Anyone else feeling the midday shine by 9.32am? Oil-slicked t-zones and slipping foundation formulas are just not the one. You’ve probably tried every foundation for oily skin you can get your hands on, but for the soft, matte base we all dream about, there’s a few makeup tips you need to know. And, the best part? They’re quick and easy, perfect for when you’re on the go. So, if you’re piling on the face powder before you’ve even had your breakfast, follow our tips to finally slay the shine. You’re only a few steps away from your ultimate base goals…

1. Switch Up Your Skincare

A shine-free look is all in the prep work. When getting ready with your morning skincare routine, it’s easy to think drying, alcohol-based cleansers and astringent toners will leave skin feeling fresh, helping to keep oil at bay. But in fact, those formulas often strip the skin’s natural oils, causing skin to produce more sebum as the day goes on (hello, shine…). Try swapping your usual face wash for a cream or low-sulphate formula, which will be gentler on oily, acne-prone skin.

2. Don’t Skip Moisturiser

Now your cleansing regimen is on point, don’t be tempted to skip moisturiser. Even oily skin needs a hit of hydration, otherwise your sebum glands will go into overdrive to compensate. To stop the shine, use a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturiser that won’t clog pores, keeping skin fully moisturised and smooth ahead of foundation application.

3. Prep with Primer

If you find your base slipping off during the day, smooth on a face primer to up your foundation’s staying power. Apply Fix & Perfect Pro Primer onto moisturised skin, smoothing and patting into skin using fingertips to ensure even coverage. The mattifying formula minimises pores, controls shine and enhances the wear of your foundation for all-day flawlessness. If you don’t use a primer now, you need to add this to your kit ASAP.

4. Find Your Flawless

Flawless foundation for oily skin does exist. If your face tends to feel slick all over, blend Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation onto skin, starting from the centre of your nose, chin and forehead, and blending outwards. The light, air-whipped formula absorbs oil while leaving the most natural finish. What shine?

If it’s just your t-zone that tends to step up the shine after a few hours of wear, try Match Perfection Foundation. It’s super-lightweight and lasts all. day. long. for a dreamy, soft-focus finish. Also, if you’re looking for a full coverage foundation for oily skin, this medium coverage formula builds like a dream.

5. Always Carry Powder

Mattifying powder is oily skin’s BFF. To set your foundation after application, use a big fluffy brush and apply Match Perfection Loose Powder. Tap off the excess and dust over the t-zone, finishing with a light sweep over cheeks and chin. This will set your foundation base in place without disrupting the formula underneath.

If you’re feeling oily on the go, make sure you carry a compact to sweep away shine wherever you are. Insta Fix & Matte Powder controls oiliness and leaves skin with a filtered finish (in case you’re taking your base to the grid… #basegoals). Try to tap lightly onto skin rather than buff too harshly; this will keep your foundation underneath looking fresh and flawless.

6. Spritz Away Shine

Finally, set foundation with a misting of Insta Fix & Go Setting Spray. It works to lock down makeup, gives your skin a glow and feels ultra-refreshing. Top tip: We keep one at home and one in our bag for a skin-saving spritz wherever we are.

Looking for a full coverage foundation for oily skin? We’ve got you covered with the ultimate tips and tricks to make application so easy.