This Dewy Foundation Is Set To *Change* Your Skin

Glowing, healthy, radiant. These are our ultimate #complexionGOALS, but between long days, late nights and all that polluted city air, our skin is looking more lacklustre than lit. The answer? A dewy foundation with serious beauty-boosting benefits. One that makes our skin look flawless and keeps pores protected from dulling aggressors.

That’s where the new Lasting Radiance collection comes in. A new and improved take on the Wake Me Up range, this triple-threat of pore-perfecters features a pollution-shielding foundation, dark circle-deleting concealer and radiant-finish powder. Nothing will dull your glow with this ultra-dewy base regimen. Keep scrolling to discover the products set to totally change the makeup game…

The Base

Think pollution isn’t harming your pores? Think again. Scientists have discovered tiny pollutant particles (known as PM2.5) that are five times smaller than the average pore size, meaning they’re able to stick to and penetrate your skin. Once they’re in they wreak major havoc, triggering dullness, redness and irritation, which makes your skin look totally FLAMES for all the wrong reasons.

That’s why anti-pollution makeup is big beauty news right now, with Lasting Radiance Foundation leading the way as the ultimate urban life-defying base. Not only does it veil your skin in protective Urban Shield Technology; it also imparts a luminous glow, thanks to the extra dose of illuminating radiance pearls. Glow game strong.

Oh, and did we mention this dewy foundation holds SPF25? Talk about ticking all the radiance-boosting boxes.

The Concealer

If you work hard but play harder, you need Lasting Radiance Concealer in your (urban) life. It cheats eight hours of sleep in seconds, disguising dark circles, imperfections, redness and pigmentation. The coverage is full, meaning every. single. blemish. vanishes before your eyes. Plus, there’s a little glow in the formula, so it adds to your dewy foundation look.

Dot your shade where needed and tap with fingertips to blend seamlessly. Then, for a highlighted effect, swipe over tops of cheekbones, the brow bone and down the bridge of the nose.

The Powder

Hello, glow. If you don’t want a face powder that mattifies your makeup to oblivion, try a soft-focus setting formula that eliminates shine while veiling skin in luminous light-reflectors.

Lasting Radiance Finishing Powder is the dream. There are three colourways to choose from, each holding six highly-pigmented shades to achieve a natural-looking, luminous effect. Dust the ultra-soft, lightweight powder onto the t-zone and cheeks to bathe skin in an all-day ethereal glow. And no more getting clumsy with loose powder on the bus… It’s a win-win.

Want to add to your flawless base skills? Learn how to colour correct like a *pro* with our expert tips and hacks. Get it, girl.