Mani-Diy: How To Prep Your Nails For Long-Lasting Colour

We love the glossy look of gel nails – and we also love how long they last. Of course, your polish will only stay in place if your nails are in good condition, so it’s important to make time for a little DIY nail prep. Here’s a step-by-step guide to healthy nails that are polish-ready.


Be sure to use a cuticle oil and hand cream on your hands and nails. Nail health doesn’t just come down to the nail itself – the skin around the nail bed needs just as much care and attention.


Whenever you take a break from applying colour to your nails, apply a treatment coat that helps them become strong, more resilient and, in turn, longer. Rimmel London Nail Nurse Rescue, £4.49 will protect your nails from the elements and make sure they’re in perfect shape for your next manicure.


Swap drying salon gels for an at-home gel polish formula like Rimmel London Super Gel Nail Polish, £5.99, which gives you up to 14 days of flawless, nail-kind wear. Pick your shade, then slick on the top coat to cure your chosen colour – no nail curing required! – and you’ll enjoy a chip-free mani that really lasts the distance. Try these techniques:


Apply your chosen Super Gel Nail Polish shade from the cuticle to the very edge of the tip of your bare nail. Be sure to make each coat (we recommend two) as thin as possible to allow each layer to air-dry.


Once each coat of nail polish is dry, add one layer of Rimmel Super Gel Top Coat, £5.99 to seal in your nail look. Be sure to sweep the edge of your brush along the tip of your nail to protect it from chipping and breakage.

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