The London Look: Your A-z Guide To Style In The Capital

There's a lot that goes into the London Look – it's not something you can put your finger on easily, nor master with a few key pieces.

It's more of a vibe than anything else – but if you're looking to nail it, this is where you should start.


London is a huge city full of adventure. You could spend days hopping off and on the tube, wandering around aimlessly, taking in all the London delights that you've never encountered before.


The brogue is a British classic. It all started in Scotland – and various fashionistas brought them to the capital and made them cool again. Brogues are the shoe to walk round London in – no doubt about it.


When you know where to go, Camden is street culture at its best. Head to Canal Street and Buck Street for all the cheap vintage goods.


London style is daring. Every corner of the city dares to be different in its own way. All the new trends are discovered in London first – remember that!


Think Shoreditch. Dalston. Hackney Wick. East is where it's at.

Fashion Week

It’s the biannual fashion event that doubles as a celebration of British style. But it's not just about the models and designers; the city’s streets, bars and footpaths become de facto runways for everyone. It's the best buzz.

Georgia May Jagger

The daughter of a model and a rock star, GMJ is the perfect storm of genetics and pure, unadulterated, can't-teach-it cool. She's iconic.


Heritage is so important in achieving the London Look. Being aware of history, culture and British society is vital.


London is one of the world's most 'grammable cities, picture-perfect in every sense of the word. Get snap happy!


The Tower of London houses the ultimate bling, the Crown Jewels.

Kate Moss

The original London It Girl. With her super-cool attitude and timeless style, Kate epitomises the city better than anyone else before or since.

Liberty prints

Developed by Regent Street department store Liberty & Co, which still stands tall and iconic today. Liberty floral print has populated everything from shirts to scarves, watches and dresses and it's definitely still in fashion.


The London Look always has a hint of the military. Take style tips from the Royal Guards, just don't try to rock a bearskin hat.


London is edgy, which means you can push boundaries and be a little bit naughty.

Off-duty style

While London can be prim and polished, the look is extremely versatile – jeans and a t-shirt works just as well as a slinky dress.

Pillarbox red

The famous colour of our city! Whether it's a red lip, a red two-piece or a patent red ankle boot. Red in London is always okay.

Queen, The

We've always taken inspiration from our royals. One is always impressed by her majesty's London Look. It's all about the pearls.

Rita Ora

All red lips and laid-back attitude, songstress Rita Ora is ushering in the new era of what it means to be a Londoner. She’s classically beautiful with an edge and always at the forefront of new trends – and new music.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney may have an actual Beatle for a father but her ascent to fashion royalty was based on sheer talent. She honed her skills at Central Saint Martins, and everyone in London wants to get their hands on her beautiful designs.


Another classic London staple. Get your hands on a Burberry trenchcoat and you've got yourself a time-honoured London Look. (There are plenty of cheaper alternatives on the capital's racks, though.)

Union Jack

There is nothing wrong with plastering a Union Jack on at least one item of clothing – be it a denim jacket or a backpack.


Vogue, darlings! This fashion bible is 96 years old and what they say, goes. There are many international versions of Vogue, but British Vogue is the coolest.

Westwood, Vivienne

Famed for mainstreaming the famous 'British Punk' image, we will forever be incorporating tartan, corsets and platforms into our look.


London is renowned for its lingerie labels. It's not all necessarily about the clothes, but what's underneath.


London is all about the young guns, going for gold in the big city. Youth culture is everywhere, and it's breathtaking.


Nailing the London Look takes time and effort – but make sure you're taking the right amount of time off, too. A decent night's sleep – even if it doesn't happen every night – is a key part of every London socialite's fashion and beauty regime. Just because the city doesn't sleep, doesn't mean you're not allowed to.

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