Get Your First Look At Our New Jelly Makeup

Are you ready for this jelly? Because we’ve just launched our NEW Ultimate Jelly Collection, featuring glitzy glitter gels, juicy blushers and the glowy face highlighters of dreams. Jelly is the makeup texture of 2019, and we can totally see why; it’s ultra-lightweight, feels so fresh on skin, and takes your glow to insane levels. Seriously. So, keep scrolling to discover the Korean beauty-inspired essentials that are turning prep time into play time. Craving shimmering green eyeshadow? Holographic cheekbones? Then it’s time to get your bounce on…

Jelly Highlighter: The Ultimate Glow-Getter

The Lowdown: Getting your cheekbones to pop just got way easier. The bouncy Jelly Highlighters veil skin in light-catching pastel hues that you can wear super-sheer or build up for majorly intense colour. Plus, they feel cool on contact with your skin. Best way to chill out ever? We think so.

The Shades: Choose from rose gold Candy Queen, glam gold Poppin’ Bottles and holographic Shifty Shimmer to nail a luminous glow-up that was made for Friday nights and festival makeup looks.

How to Apply: Use fingertips to bounce your jelly highlighter makeup onto skin, focusing on the tops of cheekbones, brow bones, the inner corners of eyes and the Cupid’s bow for a lip-plumping effect. Want more glow-boosting tricks? Read our guide on how to apply highlighter.

Jelly Blush: The Dewy, Juicy Blusher

The Lowdown: If the most believable blush is your goal, this Jelly Blush is for you. It’s one-part cream blush, one-part liquid blush, with all the weightlessness of a dewy gel. A few taps get your cheeks looking flawlessly flushed with a juicy tint that can be layered for intensity. Team with the glowy highlighter for effortless draping that makes cheekbones look FIRE.

The Shades: Add some sweetness to your look with pink Bubblegum Chum, pair a coral lip gloss with pigment-packed Peach Punch, plump for super-summery Melon Madness or do the dew by blending on Berry Bounce.

How to Apply: Use fingertips to tap this juicy jelly on the apples of your cheeks for a rosy, healthy glow. Prefer a sculpted look? Bounce your shade of blusher up to the temples to effortlessly enhance those angles.

Jelly Glitter Gel: The All-Over Glow-Giver

The Lowdown: Meet your major new multi-tasker. If you’re addicted to glitter makeup, you’ll L-O-V-E this glitzy Jelly Glitter Gel, which can be tapped on eyes, cheeks, shoulders and décolletage for a wash of shimmery colour. Best of all, it gives a major glitter hit without the need for glue. Just glide your shades on and go.

The Shades: There are five killer colours to try, including frosty Frosé, aquamarine Blue Lagoon, gleaming gold Long Island, mint green Mojito and vibrant violet Purple Rain.

How to Apply: We’re all about wearing this glitter gel as a multi-dimensional glitter eyeshadow. Squeeze the tube, mix shades on the back of your hand, then tap onto eyelids for instant sparkle. Heading out-out? Dial up the glow by applying to your body, too. We’re getting mermaid vibes.

Looking for tricks to take your jelly look next-level? Discover our guide to the best eyeliner for every new-season look.