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15 reasons Kate Moss is our ultimate beauty icon

This year we’re celebrating a special birthday – 15 years of our partnership with iconic model Kate Moss. We can’t think of a better way to honour the occasion than by saluting Moss and her eternal appeal. Kate, how do we love you? Let us count the ways...

1. She’s effortlessly stylish

15 reasons Kate Moss is our ultimate beauty icon

While we love the new wave of Instagram beauty, in which women spend hours perfecting just one brow, we’ve always been of the effortless La Moss school of getting ready. Whip out the speedy smoky eye, add a swipe of lipstick, smile in the mirror and go. She’s the queen of low-maintenance beauty.

2. Nudes are her go-to

My Nude Lipstick - Rimmel London

Kate knows that nude lipstick adds the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look, which is why she’s treated us to three new nude shades of Lasting Finish Lipstick, £6.49, for any occasion. Pair My Nude, Boho Nude or Rock ‘n’ Roll Nude with dramatic smoky eyes for evening, or a shimmer of gold eyeshadow for a late brunch, to give you makeup that looks effortlessly pulled together.

3. She’s still mysterious

In a world where you can’t move for 24/7 selfies and Olympic levels of oversharing, Kate Moss remains a bit of an enigma. Interviews? Hardly. Instagram? No, sweetie darling. We could all take a leaf out of that book.

4. She throws the best parties

15 reasons Kate Moss is our ultimate beauty icon

If there was one guest list in the world we could wrangle our way onto, it would be Kate’s birthday. Take a cue from the supermodel’s 40th celebrations and party for 100 hours straight. Just make sure you’ve picked makeup with some serious staying power.

5. She has cheekbones to die for

Kate Moss is our cheekbone idol. Thankfully, now we can cheat our way to good bone structure using the Kate Sculpting Palette, £6.99, available in two shades. Simply sweep on the matte bronzer to contour your cheekbones to dizzying heights, add a swirl of the blusher, and finish with a touch of highlighter to make them dazzle.

6. She understands the power of a manicure

Rock 'n' Roll Lipstick - Rimmel London

Kate’s vintage-boho-rock-chic look, which she’s cultivated over the years, is instantly recognisable, right down to her perfectly-manicured nails. Now, the model has launched a 15th anniversary trio of Super Gel Nail Polishes, £5.99, and you can totally see why she loves each of the shades. There's a soft rose gold called Gilty Pleasure, a suits-all nude dubbed Boho-Licious, and a shimmering red named Rock N' Sparkle that's perfect for pairing with a leather jacket.

7. She’s not afraid to experiment

Sure, she has a tried and tested look, but remember when she chopped all her hair off into an adorable pixie crop in 2001? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

8. She rises above

Boho Nude Lipstick - Rimmel London

Being online and plugged in all the time means we suffer from constant feedback, day in, day out. It’s hard not to care what other people think of you – but it’s also not healthy. Emulate Kate and breeze past the criticism. You do you.

9. Age is just a number

Kate started her career in her mid-teens - and at no point since has she been more or less beautiful than any other. Sure, she has supermodel genes on her side, but we can all take inspiration for her refusal to bow down to “age-appropriate” behaviour.

10. Height isn’t everything

Idol Lipstick - Rimmel London

Kate Moss is 5’7”, which for a model is considered to be short. Has that ever stopped her? Not likely. There’s a lesson there.

11. She’s a trendsetter

Ugg boots. Skinny jeans. Wellies. They all existed before Moss, but it was Kate the Great who made them cool.

12. She knows how to do pared-back beauty

Retro Red Lipstick - Rimmel London

She may doll up in a smoky eye and a strong lip of an evening, but Kate’s most famous makeup look is her bare-faced chic. Follow her lead with a great base, like Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation, £7.99, and just a lick of Volume Colourist Mascara, £5.99, to give your eyes definition.

13. She rocks a red lip like no one else

Kate Moss has the iconic red lip nailed, so it’s no surprise that her 15th anniversary line of Lasting Finish Lipsticks, £6.49 each, features three brand new reds alongside three nudes. From the punchy orange Idol Red and the true, blue-toned Muse Red, to the rich crimson Retro Red, it won’t be long before these are your favourite fail-safes to pick you up on a bad day.

14. She always looks like herself

Muse Red Lipstick - Rimmel London

Kate knows how to use makeup to her best advantage, but she never lets it overwhelm her. Whether she’s wearing a flirtatious cat-eye or a pulling out a punchy pout, her natural beauty always shines through.

15. She’s simply fabulous, darling

From head to toe, Kate Moss is never anyone except Kate Moss. Successful, independent, savvy and sexy, she’s our constant inspiration. And you don’t have to be a supermodel for Moss to be your muse.