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3 easy summer nail art looks that won't take all day

Stackable rings, rose gold bracelets, and big sunglasses are great for summer – but we still say there’s no accessory better than nail art.

So we’ve rounded up three nail art looks you need to try while the summer is here and you’ve got that warm-weather feeling. They won’t take long, and they make a big impact. 


3 summer nail art looks that won't take all day

Pretty peach, subdued strawberry, mint green. We love these summery colours because they remind us of the treats we crave when it’s hot outside, like ice cream and lollies. 

Get the look: Reach for two pastel nail polish shades in contrasting colours, likeRimmel London’s Rita Ora Nail Polish in Go Wild-er-ness, £2.99 and Rimmel London’s Rita Ora 60 Second Nail Polish in Peachella, £2.99. Paint your nails with the lighter of the two from cuticle to tip, and wait for it to dry. 

Then, using a curved sticker as a template, paint the darker of the pastels on the top part of your nail to create a half-moon design. Let the polish dry thoroughly before you remove the sticker, and finish off with a thin layer of your top coat.


3 summer nail art looks that won't take all day

This manicure is like that perfect pair of jeans you’ve had for years: beautifully blue, ultra-cool and able to be worn with absolutely anything. Whether you work the denim manicure trend in a gradient or go for a full matching set of ten, it just fits every time. Plus, blue is big beauty news this summer.

Get the look: Choose your favourite shades of blue – navy, periwinkle, sapphire – there are no rules! Place the darkest colour on your thumb, one slightly lighter on your forefinger, one slightly lighter than that on your middle finger, and keep going from there. By the end, your little fingers should be wearing the lightest hue. Effective, pretty, and incredibly easy!

Rimmel London 60 Second Nail Polish in Pillow Talk, Royal So And So!,Danny Boy and Loafer Love For You, £2.99. Kate Rimmel London Super Gel Nail Polish in Blue Babe, £5.99


3 summer nail art looks that won't take all day

Nothing sets off a tan like gorgeous gilded nails. We especially love the Rimmel London Kate Super Gel polish in Gilty Pleasure, £5.99, for a subtle shine and unique colour that’s guaranteed to catch the sunlight.

Get the look: Create metallic accent nails for a shimmery but subtle effect. Apply a coat of your favourite nude nail polish (or create a negative space effect by using a clear base coat instead). Let that dry, and then it’s time to get creative.

Paint one full nail in your chosen metallic hue, then, on the other nails, use tape as a template to create glimmering accents in all kinds of different shapes.

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