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3 tanning tips to ace your glow game

The summer season is your skin’s time to shine. A great self-tanner sets off your on-point manicure, and makes your whole seasonal wardrobe – from brights to neutrals – simply pop.

And, now, we’re taking your glow game to the next level. By following these tricks for a flawless tan, you’ll make your skin a glowy example of perfection from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.   

3 tanning tips to ace your glow game

Face forward

Make sure your face matches the rest of your golden glow with some sun-kissed sculpting. Using an angled brush, blend Natural Bronzer, £5.99, into the hollows of your cheeks to add definition, then sweep to your hairline, jawline and the middle of your neck.

Next, smile and add pops of colour to your cheeks with Royal Blush in Majestic Pink, £5.49. Pat it onto the apples and blend for that just-been-lying-on-beach flushed effect.

3 tanning tips to ace your glow game

Sexy shoulders

Here’s how to enhance your shoulders: Take the SunShimmer Shimmering Bronzer, £5.99, and, using the lightest shade, apply a dusting to your clavicles to add some sheen. Next, swish your brush on the deeper shades in the palette to apply in the hollow areas of your collarbones. Then swirl it in circular motions on the tops of your shoulders.

3 tanning tips to ace your glow game

Lovely legs

You don’t have to hop on the plane to get tanned legs. Get the look from the bottle, first by cleansing and exfoliating your skin to skin feeling super-smooth. Next, apply SunShimmer Instant Tan Matte, £6.99, over your legs, and buff it in with gentle circulations motions to get a believable golden glow. This will help to lock in your tan until you’re ready to wash it away. And there you have it: warm-weather skin is all yours at home instantly, without an airport runway in sight.

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