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4 things we love about Halloween makeup

We can’t get enough of Halloween. Not only is it yet another good excuse for a party, but it also means we can do some cool, new tricks with our makeup. From going gothic glam to all-out vampire, here are four of our favourite things about spooky beauty. Bring on October 31st.

1. Vampy is on-point for autumn

That vampy look suits everyone. If you don’t believe us, swipe on a berry lipstick likeThe Only 1 Lipstick in Under My Spell, £6.99, and see how it makes your teeth look whiter. Plus, all the extra eyeliner is super-sultry for evenings out. To see how you can pull it off all season, click here for our guide.

2. Custom-blending is fun

Even if you’re usually into an effortless look, there’s no denying that custom-blending your own vampire ‘blood’ with lipstick is really,reallyfun. For this and other Halloween makeup hacks, read our round-up of spooky tricks.

4 things we love about Halloween makeup

3. You can be whoever you want

A mermaid, a werewolf... you can be whoever you want with your Halloween makeup. Any Halloween party you head to this season is bound to filled with at least four Harley Quinns – so the more creative you go, the better.  

4. It doesn’t have to be difficult

In fact, certain Halloween looks can be created with nothing more than your eyeliner and a bit of creativity – you just need these tutorials to show you how. You can also go down the subtle route of swapping characters for plain gorgeous makeup. Click here for something that’s equal parts scary and ultra-sultry.

For more Halloween beauty inspiration, read our guide to the hacks that will get you party-ready.