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5 foolproof steps to choosing the perfect lipstick for you

Here’s the great thing about lipstick: no matter who you are, you’re going to find a shade you love. In fact, there are literally hundreds that will suit your look. Seriously.

All you have to do is track them down, which is why we’ve compiled five tips that make shopping for your shade(s) foolproof. Here’s how to find your perfect lipstick match…

Visit a virtual beauty counter

5 foolproof steps to choosing the perfect lipstick for you

And by ‘visit’, we mean download our new, free Get the Look app oniOSorAndroid. It lets you try on makeup products through your phone.

To try out Rimmel’s gorgeous lipstick ranges – from Lasting Finish to Moisture Renew – open the app, tap ‘Create a Look’ and start swiping your way through the many lip colour options. Every time you tap, a different colour will appear on your face, live, so you can see how they wear without having to step foot in a shop. You can do it anywhere.

Look at the undertones

One of the easiest ways to work out if a lipstick will suit you is by looking at the undertones in your skin. If you’re warm, your skin will lean yellow or golden, while cool skin has more of a pink, red or blue tinge.

Now, match the tones of your skin to your lipstick shades, opting for peachy-nudes, oranges and brick reds if you’re warm, or pinky-nudes, poppy reds and berries if you’re cool.

Compare shades with arm swatches

5 foolproof steps to choosing the perfect lipstick for you

Another good way of seeing if a shade is going to match your skin tone is by swatching it on your arm. It’s a quick, smart test to run before committing to a colour on your lips.

Arm swatches are also a must when you’re stuck on which shade to wear that day. Swipe your favourites on and compare, before slicking your chosen hue onto your pout.

Match with your makeup style

5 foolproof steps to choosing the perfect lipstick for you

If you’ve got a signature makeup style, match your lipstick to that. After all, it’s important your pout works with the rest of your favourite products.

There are no rules, but here are our recommendations: a pink-nude lip looks dreamy with a smoky eye, peachy tones nail that no makeup-makeup vibe, and red lips amp up sculpted skin and bare lids.

Pair your pout with an event

5 foolproof steps to choosing the perfect lipstick for you

And then there’s choosing a lipstick to go with a long-awaited event, a.k.a. a huge decision. You’ll want to get this right for your selfie’s sake.

Again, no rules here, but depending on whether you’re off to a wedding or a big night out, you’re going to want to adapt your lipstick accordingly. Here are a few suggestions:

Night out

- Go for a blue-toned red like Lasting Finish Kate 15 Lipstick in Retro Red, £6.49. It’s bold, it’s blue-toned, and it’s going to help your teeth sparkle.


- Keep your look soft and romantic with a beigey-nude, like Lasting Finish Kate 15 Lipstick in My Nude, £6.49. A shade this pretty is going to go with any outfit colour.


- If you’re only going to take one lipstick on holiday, make it a red. It makes your face look instantly ‘done’, whether you’re rocking a sheer, shiny shade or a bright, bold hue.

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