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5 minutes to flawless: the speediest night out makeup routine

We’ve all been there. It’s a long weekend, you’ve just been invited onanothernight out, and you’ve got 15 minutes to get ready. Make that five once you’ve actually found a dress.

Here’s your night out look, sorted: a cut-crease lid that makes your eyes appear bigger, and a deep, plum lip that ticks a major summer ’16 trend box. Just follow this step-by-step…

‘Cut’ the crease: 1 minute

the speediest night out makeup routine

Smokey eyes are great, but they require some pretty thorough blending. You don’t have time for that, so opt for a speedy cut-crease shadow look instead. Begin by applying a light shade on your lid, from the lashes to the socket. We love the white powder in Glam’Eyes HD Eyeshadow in Pinkadilly Circus, £6.99.                                       

Then, use a soft but fine domed brush and the darkest shade in your palette to define the crease, beginning in the centre of the eye and gliding it either side until you’ve built up a dark, sculpting line. Finish by placing the white powder shadow just below your brows, and you’ll have a cut-crease look that takes a traditional smokey eye to new heights. 

Apply your base: 1 minute

Use a foundation that gives you a seamless finish, fast – likeMatch Perfection Foundation, £7.99, which is easy to blend, and veils your skin in a selfie-ready glow. Apply it with a damp sponge for a dewy look, and the 24hr Moisture Complex will keep your skin hydrated (read: soft, supple and radiant) all night long.

Blush up on cheeks: 30 seconds

When applying your blusher, it’s best to match the texture of your makeup base. So, if you’re wearing a liquid foundation, a blusher with a cream formula will glide on smoothly. TryRoyal Blush, £5.49, which comes in three shades – Peach Jewel, Coral Queen and Majestic Pink – and is easy to dab on in seconds. Simply pat it on the apples of your cheeks, then blend it up and out.

Get a glow: 30 seconds

Amp up the glow with a liquid highlighter, like Good to Glow Highlighter, £4.99, by tapping it over the tops of your cheekbones and brow bones, and gently blending with your fingers. For some major gleam, just add a second light layer.

Line and fill lips: 1 minute

the speediest night out makeup routine

Start by applying a plum lipstick, like Moisture Renew Lipstick in Dark Night Waterl’Oops!, £6.49, in an ‘X’ on the centre of your upper lip, so it defines your cupid’s bow. Then, fill the rest of your lips in the same shade, blot with a sheet of tissue, and apply a second layer for a longer-lasting, vampy lip.

Lengthen those lashes: 30 seconds

Top off your look with a coat of mascara using 24Hr SuperCurler Mascara in Extreme Black, £6.99. It curls your lashes and amps up the volume, making it a perfect night out mascara.

And then you’re ready to go…

the speediest night out makeup routine

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