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5 of our favourite things about the Bank Holiday

The August Bank Holiday is here and we’re ready to celebrate the best long weekend of the year, from lazing in the sun to making the most of the BBQ.

As you might have guessed, there are lot of things we love about a Bank Holiday, but - whatever the weather - this is what makes us most excited about an extra 24 hours of relaxation.

1. More time for makeup

5 of our favourite things about the Bank Holiday

An extra 24 hours is an extra 24 hours to perfect our make up we like to open up the Rimmel Get the Look app on our phones, tap ‘Steal a Look,’ and snap a picture of a face of makeup that we’d like to copy. Just like that, the makeup in the photo appears on our own face, complete with recommendations of the products we should use to wear it IRL.

2. That extra lie-in

We think heaven might be a Monday morning when you don’t have to set an alarm. There’s nothing better than the extra Bank Holiday lie-in. Plus, that longer beauty sleep is only doing good things for our skin. Can we have a Bank Holiday every week, please?

3. Three nights out. Which means…

5 of our favourite things about the Bank Holiday

…three on-point looks to hit the town with. All that experimenting we’re doing in front of the mirror has to go somewhere, and if you’re torn between trying out your new deep plum ombre lip, the perfect cut crease or the extra-shimmery highlighter you just purchased - well, you don’t have to choose. 

Want your own deep plum lip? Grab Rimmel’s Moisture Renew Lipstick in Dark Knight Waterl-oops, 6.49, and head over here for our super-easy tutorial on how to wear the look.

4. Shop, shop, shop

Let’s be honest. An extra 24 hours to play with = retail therapy. If you’ve bought a great new dress but realised that you don’t have any lipstick that quitegoes with it, just head back the next day and find the ideal shade. If you don’t quite have enough time to try on the 20 outfits it’ll take to discover the right one for your best friend’s birthday next week, multiple shopping trips are what the Bank Holiday is made for. After all, you need some outfits to go with those beauty looks you’ve been perfecting.

5. Endless Instagram possibilities 

5 of our favourite things about the Bank Holiday

Days off are best spent filling up your Insta, snapchat & twitter feeds, capturing every moment of your weekend and uploading. Make sure you’re looking on point in every picture, we’ve shown you how to {here}

Looking for a 5-minute makeup routine to get you ready for all those nights out? Click here for the speediest tutorial.