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5 signs you're addicted to nail polish

Nail polish. It’s an obsession, whether you’re willing to confess to it or not. So, we’ve rounded up the five signs that you might be addicted to painting your nails – remember, admitting it is the first step.   

1. You can’t count your nail polish bottles

While some people might think more than 20 lacquers is way too many, you consider it your nail wardrobe. With this many shades to choose from, you never have any trouble matching your nails to your look.

The only problem is, pretty soon you’ll need an extra room to keep them in. 

2. You carry nail polish everywhere

5 signs you're addicted to nail polish

Just like your smartphone, purse and keys, a bottle of your favourite nail shade (or two!) is a handbag essential and always at arm’s reach.

3. You match your clothes to your nails 

5 signs you're addicted to nail polish

They do it on the catwalk so it’s time to grab hold of the trends in real life and match your mani to your outfit for an instant style update. Whether you colour-block, contrast or twin your shoes with your nails, you’ll instantly feel pulled together with very little effort.                                                  

4. You mark your next home-manicure on your calendar

5 signs you're addicted to nail polish

No salon visits for you – you’ve got the tools and the know-how that means handing over money to a manicurist is an unforgivable waste. Instead, you dedicate proper time to a weekly DIY salon session.

5. A chipped manicure ruins your entire day

Okay, maybe not your entireday, but at least a good portion of it. It doesn’t matter that no one else will notice because you’ve noticed, and it’s going to bug you until home-time.

Thankfully, a gel finish nail polish like Rimmel London Super Gel, £5.99, and Kate 15 Super Gel are your long-lasting, DIY answer to expensive gel manicures. Get the look, fast – then wait for people to ask who did your amazing nails.

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